Christian Rauth

Born:  9 May
France, Paris
French actor
Stage director
Screenplay writer


Christian Rauth made his debut on stage in the seventies. He is an actor, screenplay writer and book author. He has written many theater plays, acted in over 100 films and television. He is very known in France for his role of the famous Inspector Auguelin, in the most popular police-series Navaro. Until last year he was mayor Hugo Bolski in another most appreciated TV-series Père et Maire. Daniel Rialet played Erwan Vernoux. He will play Commissioner STARVOS in the new mini-series "Origines" - see page TV-Series...

To us "Catherine" fans, he is known as Fero, the gypsy lord, who fell in love with Catherine
de Montsalvy and whom she was forced to marry,disguised as the Gypsy girl Tchalaï. Fero who was madly in love with Catherine was a passionate, but honest man who died for his love...

February 2016
Christian Rauth was likewise very touched by the death of Juliette Benzoni, with whom he had been in touch from time to time.

Christian Rauth sent his regrets about the death of Juliette. He would have attended the funeral but was shooting some scenes far from Paris.



« Origines »
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Christian Rauth in the role of
Commissioner  STAVROS


Christian Rauth talks about his book






 Christian Rauth has played in many unforgettable and memorable productions. Link to imdb to do justice to his outstanding work.

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