Some of Claudine Ancelot's TV-Roles


2002 - 2003

Age Sensible

as the woman in black & white


1996 - 1999

Sous le Soleil

(very popular TV- serie in France)

as Dr. Elisabeth Chouchan

 with David Brécourt as her lover Bapiste Mondino, Sylvain Corthay as her ex love Pierre Ollivier and father of her son Benôit - from Il suffit d'un amour  Pierre Deny (Count de Dunois) as David Dernacourt and Bénédicte Delmas as Laure Olivier




Il Gerfaut
 (The Lure of the Falcon)

directed by Marion Sarraut


as Comtesse Jeanne de la Motte Valois
and Laurent Le Doyen in the leading
role as Gilles de Tournemine


 with many other actors from Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour - Gérard Chambre (Jean de Xaintrailles) as Admiral John Paul Jones, Huques Profy (Béranger de Roquemaurel) as Pierre Gauthier, Isabelle Guiard (Jeanne d'Arc) as Queen Marie-Antoinette





* JI am thrilled to present you photos, Claudine Ancelot has generously offered to us. Thank you dear Claudine, for these fantastic photos in your role as La Comtesse de la Motte.





La Vie en Panne

in her role
as Christine

Pierre Vernier
as M.Brisset



**  Thank you dear Claudine, for these fantastic photos during a break in "La Vie en Panne"




Les bas-fonds de Paris

in the role of
 and Philippe Jutteau as de Roger





Il Suffit d'un Amour  (One Love is Enough)

directed by Marion Sarraut

Claudine Ancelot
in her first tv-role

with Pierre-Marie Escourrou as Arnaud de Montsalvy
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The beautiful Claudine Anceolot has been in numerous  films  and  other production here is a link to imdb


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