Bonjour Frédérique

As promised I just went to see your sites, you did a great job of documentation and I even found pictures that I did not know of! I'm going to make a breach of my "principles" and as you can see, I wrote my email address, on which you can write to me, you and your girlfriend Linda (thank you for not giving it to other people). If I can do something to help you, like for example, to send you some pictures, I'll be delighted to. Again all my congratulations and thanks for the spirit in which you both have done your work.

cordialy and until soon Claudine


The above message was written by none other than Claudine Ancelot, on  Frédérique's blog at the end of September 2010. Like I have already mentioned, I had a very nice , who gave me the possibiltiy, to contact our dear Claudine Ancelot! I would like to thank again Claudine for her trust  in us, and Frédérique, who helped me without hesitation. The contact is made and I can happily announce, that Claudine Ancelot has written to me and I shall soon be able to surprise all of you!!!

For me, the webmistress of the Catherine de Montsalvy site, I must not repeat what an unforgettable moment it was, to talk with our Claudine - and to know that she is exactly as adorable as in our most favorite TV-Series "Catherine, il suffit d'un amour. I admit, I feel at the moment like Alice in Wonderland...

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My very dear Claudine

let me thank you also openly  for the trust you offer us - for your adorable words about our passionate work - for giving us the joy to come into contact with us! My best friends know that I have wished for this since the beginning of this wonderful and amazing voyage.
Thank you for being the CATHERINE of our dreams :-) We have NEVER forgotten you and will! You can trust us - we shall never betray your email address or your phone number! You have my word of honour. I want to finish before I get too carried away - I am very touched by your words dearest Claudine.

very fondly Linda


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