Pierre DENY

Born:  July 12
French Actor
Stage actor

Production Designer



To the Catherine de Montsalvy reader, Pierre Deny is dearly remembered as Jean de Dunois. A royal prince and brother-in-arms of Arnaud de Montsalvy. In one of her most desperate phases of her life, he showed himself a true friend...!



The touching words of Pierre Deny about the death of Juliette Benzoni
(private message which I put later on Facebook with his consent)


The disappearance of Juliette Benzoni saddens me particularly because with it goes a great time for actors like me who have had the chance to give life to her characters. A time when television could send a hundred actors, outdoors, in castles, on horses and all in great respect to writing with great quality at all levels.
We will keep these moments of delightful stories and the smile of Madame Benzoni in fond
Pierre DENY

Pierre DENY sent his regret for not being able to attend the funeral of Juliette Benzoni.
He was far away from Paris and on shooting for some new work.



photo © Linda Compagnoni Walther

Pierre Deny in Paris after the show of
« Ne me Regardez pas comme ça »

Thank you so much dear Pierre for this lovely meeting. For your kindness to pose for a photo with me - also for always supporting my Catherine website since the very beginning. All my best wishes for this great theatre play and for the new Year 2016.

, Webmaster

souvenir of 2008 :
I remember a sentence Pierre DENY had written to me more than seven years ago :

« I hear with curiosity and interest that Catherine de Montsalvy has found a second youth thanks to you. Bravo for your work !! » Pierre DENY



Ne me Regardez pas comme ça !

with :

Sylvie VARTAN (famous French singer...)
Pierre DENY

director :  Christophe Duthuron


Dossier of the Press

Victoire Carlota (Sylvie Vartan), a former movie star, nowadays ruined, decides to write her memoirs. She believes to meet Marcel, but her publisher sends Marcelle (Isabelle Mergault), author of a successful cookbook ... about rice. Through a trip to Italy where she had her greatest succes, Victoire tries to remember, accompanied by Marcelle who upsets the habits of the star. With their meeting, a complicity develops between the two women, between Rome and the Italian countryside...



extract :

Linda : If you had a wish free, which of the characters you played so far or which personality would you like to be for twenty-four hours?


Pierre DENY: I liked all my characters from stage or film, which have left their marks. But … if I could choose for one day and amuse myself a bit, I would happily wear the costume of “James Bond” for 24 hours..!!!


→ click on the above photo of Pierre DENY to read his fantastic interview.


I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Pierre DENY for answering my email. His reply was exceptionally nice. Now he has also done us the great honor to be part of my Hall of Fame as I call it☺ Without doubt, this is another great moment for my website.

Thank you dear Pierre for sharing a moment with us and sending us this fantastic interview.

I send my best wishes and great success for your career now and in the future.


26 September 2009 
Linda, webmaster



Pierre DENY has played in many unforgettable and memorable productions. Here is a link to imdb to do justice to his outstanding work.

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