«... the more than perfect Arnaud de Montsalvy for all of us..


Pierre-Marie ESCOURROU

Born: November 30
French Actor
comédien de théatre
Theater director
Narrator of books

Originally of
Carcassonne, Pierre-Marie Escourrou spent part of his youth in the South-East, Antibes and Vence in particular: « I benefited greatly from the South and its nature. I was out all the time, to go diving, caving. »

As a young adult, his plans to become a professional actor leads him to Paris, to join the prestigious National Conservatory of d'art dramatique. « I simply adore it"...

extract of an article by Martine Pitou, July 2014

La compagnie de l'ange

Pierre-Marie Escourrou has founded the « Compagnie de l'Ange » in 2008. He is an artist with many skills such as  : directing, writing, acting for movie, theater and television, he was trained at the National Drama School named "Conservatoire Dramatique National Supérieur d'Art" from Paris. He is a dynamic  contributor at the "Atelier à spectacle" by animating courses called "Prémices de la scène" (beginning on stage) or et "Premières Places". "L'Histoire du Tigre" is his second creation for his company.  

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 The touching words of Pierre-Marie Escourrou
about the loss of our dear Juliette Benzoni

My dear Juliette;
Arnaud de Montsalvy is sad today, his Juliette has gone to join the angels. So many happy moments in my life I owe you Juliette, your good humor, your kindness, your generosity. I recall in my memory these days of the year at your home in St Mandé ,surrounded by your immediate kin and  all of us, Marion, Philippe Pascale, Claudine Catherine, Gerard, the so beautiful characters, fruit of your imagination and your talent that you offered to us. All my thoughts accompany you to the the top of  the paradise of the poets and I'm  sure a guard of honor is waiting for you, consisting of our comrades who have gone before you.
I embrace you with all my heart,

Pierre-Marie ESCOURROU

My dear Linda
Alas I work on Friday and cannot  be with you to accompany Juliette to her final resting place; I have phoned Anne and I know you'll be there. I embrace you strongly. Pierre-Marie



photo of Gérard Chambre, Claudine Ancelot and Pierre-Marie Escourrou
the beautiful meeting of the trio
Gérard Chambre (Xaintrailles) Claudine Ancelot (Catherine)
Pierre-Marie Escourrou (Arnaud)
my  great thanks goes to Gérard Chambre to have sent me the




photo © linda compagnoni

I can announce with great pleasure that we have  found Arnaud de Montsalvy (not in Granada☺☺☺ PM Escourrou - but at Dreux! to all fans of Pierre-Marie Escourrou the report




I would like to give my sincere thanks and gratefulness to my dear friend Pierre-Marie Escourrou who played Arnaud de Montsalvy in our beloved series Catherine de Montsalvy - Pierre-Marie has done me the great honor for an exclusive interview. After all Pierre-Marie Escourrou is forever our Arnaud de Montsalvy ! I send Pierre-Marie our best wishes and great success for his future career. 10 September 2009


some audio recording of Pierre-Marie Escourrou


Arthur Honegger

Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher
1989 - France



Marthe Keller

spoken vocals - de Jeanne d'Arc

Georges Wilson

 spoken vocals  - le frère Dominic

Pierre-Marie Escourrou

 spoken vocals - de arrator          

  Audio books



Dans les bois
author Harlan COBEN

Paradis sur Mesure

by French author
Bernard Werber

Narrator: Pierre-Marie Escourrou

Narrator: Pierre-Marie Escourrou


Pierre-Marie Escourrou has played in many unforgettable and memorable productions. Here is a link to IMDB to do justice to his outstanding work.



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