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Catherine de Montsalvy

Claudine Ancelot

Arnaud de Montsalvy

Pierre-Marie Escourrou

called Black Sara

Pascale Petit

Jean Poton de Xaintrailles


Gérard Chambre

Jeanne d'Arc

Isabelle Guiard

Comte Jean de Dunois

Pierre DENY

Princesss Zobeïda

Corinne Touzet

Pierre de Brézé

Philippe Caroit

leader of the Gypsies

Christian Rauth

Quenn Yolande

Geneviéve Casile

Duke Philippe
de Bourgogne

Jean-François Poron

de Châteauvillain

Dora Doll



de Montsalvy

Nicole Maurey

Jacques Coeur

Philippe Murgier

Garin de Brazey

Stéphane Bouy


Tribute to Amidou 1935 - 2013

In Memory of Amidou.... R.I.P dear Abou-al-Khayr

Our dear Amidou in Juliette Benzoni - Catherine, il suffit d'un amour
On the black & white photo (copyright Claudine Ancelot) Pascale Petit (Sara), Amidou (Abou-al-Khayr), Jacques Dubi (Brother Etienne), Claudine Ancelot (Catherine), Dora Doll (Comtesse Ermengarde) & Philippe Clay (Barnaby).

We see Amidou during the shooting of Catherine , directed by our adorable Marion Sarraut (the director of Catherine, Marianne, Le Gerfaut and La Florentine)

Tribute to Nicole Maurey 1925 - 2016

I am very sad to announce that Marion Sarraut has informed me of the passing of Nicole Maurey who played in the Catherine series "Comtesse Isabelle de Montsalvy" Arnaud de Montsalvy's mother.

The beautiful and magnificent Nicole Maurey is what we call an international star. She appeared in numerous films for example with Robert Tayler, Charlton Heston, Bing Crosby ect.

Mme Maurey played also in "Marianne, a star for Napoleon", she had the role of the wife of Talleyrand.
R.I.P dear Nicole Maurey, we the fans of the Catherine series have adored you in the role as Arnaud's mother, whose heart Catherine had won at the end.

info - Hommage à Dora Doll
Tribute to Dora Doll 1922 - 2015

We, the Benzoni/Sarraut family, are very sad to announce the passing of Dora Doll. The wonderful actress we remember playing in Marion Sarraut's TV-production (after the novels by Juliette Benzoni ):
Marianne, une étoile pour Napoléon (Fanchon, Fleur de Lys)
Catherine, il suffit d'un amour (La Comtesse Ermengarde de Châteauvillain) Le Gerfaut (Rozenne)
Dora Doll's had been an actress who appeared in the international cinema, on stage and on television. We shall remember her warmly and send our deepest sympathy to her daughter.


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