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production  and artistic direction Philippe PENGUY

Who has not heard of William Shakespeare and his sublime plays?  Who has not wished to be able to attend at least once in his life a visit to a beautiful theater to watch "The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer's Night Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Henry V and last but not least Macbeth? What if you had the chance also to see a wonderful friend and on top of that an excellent actor in the leading role of Macbeth?

My friends, that is exactly what happened on 29 September 2012 to my adorable friends and me of the "Laurent Le DOYEN" fan club! Not only was the theatre evening a great success for our friend Laurent and the whole ensemble of director Philippe Penguy - but also the ambiance of the magnificence THEATRE RANELAGH in Paris, which put us in a festive and entrancing mood! We were spellbound by the perfection of the performance of the stage players! The costumes a real treat for the eyes of the spectators. The long applause after the play was over was more than deserved for each of the players!

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Yet, I do not want to miss once again to express my honest and sincere compliments to our Laurent for his unique display, as the in the beginning brave and honest general Macbeth, ending as an ambitious and yet tragic figure after he has listened to the prophecy from a trio of witches and also
instigated by his own wife Lady Macbeth (superb also Agnès Valentin in her role as Lady Macbeth! )

I would love to go on to praise the play and the supreme players of MACBETH, yet my dear friend Frédérique has written an excellent summary of the fan club’s visit to the Théâtre Ranelagh, that in my opinion there cannot be said anything more - except follow my link to Frédérique's report to enjoy a moment of pleasure as we all had on that late September night...

I like to mention my dear Magali, for organizing this yet another unforgettable fan club meeting. Thank you très chère amie, for having this admirable idea that we could all meet again to come together to see Laurent in Macbeth! You did a marvellous job and we cannot thank you enough.
To all of you who may read mine and then Frédérique's report - if you have the chance to go and watch Macbeth with Laurent Le Doyen, do not miss it, it is more than worthwhile! Absolutely deserved, due to its enormous success, Macbeth is now played in different theatre's, a fact which makes the fan club very happy also for all the troupe!

photo - Laurent Le Doyen avec his fan club 2012
fan club Laurent Le Doyen 2012

Before I close I send my gratitude to a not only brilliant but very lovely young and very known photographer STEFANIA IEMMI . She gave her consent to use her professional photos to upload on the Catherine de Montsalvy website. Mille grazie cara Stefania
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Frédérique - Linda et Laurent LE DOYEN

      I invite you to see also Frédérique's excellent

summary of Macbeth...
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