The memorable meeting of Claudine and Arnaud de Montsalvy 26.5.2013

photo - linda- pierre-marie et claudine - paris 2013

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photo of Gérard Chambre, Claudine Ancelot and Pierre-Marie Escourrou
a few weeks later
the superb meeting of the trio
Gérard Chambre - Claudine Ancelot - Pierre-Marie Escourrou

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I have written many reports since the Catherine de Montsalvy website exists. All were special - be it the first time I met Gérard Chambre (Jason Beaufort,Jean Poton de Xaintrailles) - the beautiful Corinne Touzet (Marianne,Princess Zobeïda) Claudine Ancelot (Catherine de Montsalvy, Comtesse de la Motte), Laurent Le Doyen (Gilles de Tournemine), Pierre-Marie Escourrou (Arnaud de Montsalvy) Isabelle Guiard (Jeanne d'Arc, la Reine Marie-Antoinette) Marion Sarraut (director of four books of Juliette Benzoni, made into TV-Series) and the reason why this website exists, Juliette Benzoni, the Queen of history books.

Yet…did I believe that I would one day have the immense pleasure to talk about the meeting of the former main leading stars of the TV-Series Catherine, il suffit d’un amour? The meeting of Claudine Ancelot and Pierre-Marie Escourrou, who had not seen each other again after over twenty years ago? Do I sound presumptuous now? I do not think so, only that I have not lost the ability to dream and believe in little miracles!  

And the good fortune happened, when Pierre-Marie Escourrou was coming to Paris during 28 April - 5 Juin 2013 with his exceedingly successful play: L’Histoire du Tigre!

When I received from Pierre-Marie Escourrou the lastest flyer, I could not resist informing him that we would probably attend his play together with Catherine/Claudine at the theatre La Manufacture des Abbesses on a Sunday in the near future…! I am happy to announce that Arnaud de Montsalvy or better Pierre-Marie answered me warmly and was looking with great anticipation forward to the rencontre!

The chosen day was 26 May where our dear Claudine was expecting us on an appointed place, looking very beautiful in a grey jacket and a most magnificently bound shawl. Claudine embraced us gently, looking at us with her unique adorable smile.   With us was also Frederique’s beautiful daughter Melissa, who shared our enthusiasm, to meet Claudine and Pierre-Marie.

We were still a bit early before the play began and we decided to go and drink something at a near-by bistro. I admit that sitting there in the bistro, smoothly talking with our dear Claudine, with whom we share a special and sincere friendship, I had to convince myself that this was not a dream – that soon we should all sit in the theatre, together with the gentle and adorable Claudine Ancelot.

A little while later, we walked to the theatre La Manufacture des Abbesses and took our seats, with all the other guests and waited for the play with Pierre-Marie Escourrou L’Histoire du Tigre” to begin.

The room darkened and there he came onto the stage PIERRE-MARIE ESCOURROU”! The play started fulminant and if I may say so, I began to forget the motive of our being here, because Arnaud, I wanted to say Pierre-Marie is more than good in that play - he is phenomenal! Is there really only one person on the stage? Is there really not a furious Tigress with her spoiled baby tiger in front of us?

What? No soldiers of MAO? Impossible, but the is truth, what Pierre-Marie Escourrou with his forceful and dynamic voice is sharing with his audience is entertainment of the best what an actor can do. And let me say it clearly, I do not say this because I am his fan and friend! He is colossal and he deserved all the applause he received from his elated audience!

When the last curtain fell, we got up and left the room to wait for Pierre-Marie.

What can I tell you dear visitors about the moment when two dear friends meet again after more than twenty years?  We did not even think of taking out our cameras, because it would have been deplacé – it was their private moment and that belonged to Claudine Ancelot and Pierre-Marie Escourrou alone!

It was decided that we all go for a drink and share a moment in his company! This we did and we passed a more than agreeable time together with our heroes from the successful TV-Series Catherine, il suffit d’un amour.  In a relaxing atmosphere, Claudine and Pierre-Marie shared some anecdotes between them, and it was easy to imagine what a beautiful time they shared all during the shooting of Catherine.
Time went by almost too quickly and it was past midnight when we got up! In an absolutely serene attitude, we accompanied Pierre-Marie to his car.  All of a sudden we realized that we had not taken any photos of this memorable reunion between them..! Not even asked for any autographs - so much were we captivated by the rencontre that it just slipped our minds! Nonetheless to our pleasure Pierre-Marie and Claudine posed for us, just as they did so many years ago in 1986 for the press.

It was time to say good-bye – and we got the promise to meet again soon...

My dear Claudine and Pierre-Marie
we would like to thank you for this moment of a beautiful dream come true. For the sympathy and gentleness you bestow towards us -  understanding our passion!

26 May 2013
linda/mistral and frédérique

a big thank you to Evelyne with the photos.
the flashlight was not our friend this time...

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