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                                     Gérard Chambre

My very first autograph ♥ Gérard Chambre has signed for me, when I attented his concert in Théoule-sur-Mer 2009. In case you have missed reading the report of my adventure,  here is the link.

                             merci again cher Gérard



                                          Philippe Caroit
Philippe Caroit has done me the great honor to sent me his autograph and a message to all of you! Not by e-mail but by the good old post!!! I guess you can imagine how thrilled I was by this ;-) I would like to thank Philippe for his kindness towards our Catherine de Montsalvy fansite. As we all know he is a very active man (just have a look at his own website) and to find the time and answer my letter - sending me his autograph is amazing and without doubt AWESOME

                     Thank you very much Philippe



                                   Juliette Benzoni
While looking for missing book covers, LaLuna spotted on Ebay a rare occasion to bid for a autograph of our Juliette Benzoni. Full of suspense we waited for the day X on March 30th! LaLuna
the specialist for bidding, was able to get hold of
the photograph - not knowing what kind of a goodie she had caught! When I received the letter from France, with the signature of JulietteBenzoni - I saw to my astonishment that, not only did we have this famous photo which we see so often on the books or online - no - with the photo came an old yellowish newspaper clip! Great was my delight to find out that we had in our hand a rare piece of document. As some of us remember - way back in the sixties - newspapers used to print popular books as "roman-feuilleton" - that is - everyday you read a short piece of a story - which was continued day after day. If my French is not deserting me, this person who sold the autograph, had read the notice on February 16, 1967

You can receive a free photo, dedicated by Juliette Benzoni, when you write to Editions de Trévise, 34 rue de Trévise, Paris

On the small article from February 16, 1967 it said that you could get a free autograph from Juliette Benzoni if you write to Editions Trévise! So I put two and two together and figured out, that the owner of the photo did exactly that - when the fourth book of the Catherine-series Catherine  and Arnaud had been first published ! Apart from having this remarkable photo I shall guard jealously (dreaming of course, that one day we shall also be so lucky to see our name on a dedicated photo or book from Juliette Benzoni


Gérard Chambre
We would like to give our sincere thanks and gratefulness to Gérard Chambre, who played Jean de Xaintrailles in our beloved series "Catherine de Montsalvy". Gérard has done us the great honor to give  us our very first exlusive interview! Plus sending us a photo and a flyer. For a small website like ours, this was an extraordinary amazing moment.  We thank him for the trust he put in us.

 Merci beaucoup Gérard


Entry in our Guest book


Isabelle Guiard

Hello everybody!

You can't imagine how touching it is for us to discover this site! We have participated to this series with great pleasure, and it is thrilling to feel the pleasure you've received from it!
My best wishes to all of you.Isabelle Guiard (Jeanne d'Arc...)

                   thank you very much dear Isabelle


Entry in our Guest book


                                      Marion Sarraut

                  (Director of Il suffit d'un amour)

Je suis trés heureuse de l'intérêt de vous tous pour cette série qui a pris (avec joie) deux superbes années de ma vie. C'est bien de voir la pérénité du plaisir qu'elle donne, égale au plaisir de l'avoir faite. Merci encore à vous tous.

Thank you very much dear Madame Marion


                                   Claudine Ancelot

Today we are delighted to share a special tidbit with you! On November 12, 2008 we successfully bid on Ebay on a autograph.
It is no other than a very young Claudine Ancelot. Who we know so very well as "Catherine de Montsalvy".

She dedicated this photo to a certain Antoine. Unfortunately, we don't  know anything about it...Prehaps it was given to the fan during the time she starred in our wonderful series "Il suffit d'un amour".

Now, have a closer look at the photo itself. Isn't this a beautiful picture of her? And who knows - maybe one day -  with a little luck we'll be able to present you with our very own dedication from Claudine Ancelot !

                your webmistress



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Original Autograph of
 Juliette Benzoni


 original newspaper-clipping
February 16 1967