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Meeting with Isabelle Guiard

Whenever I sit down to have the exceptional pleasure to write of a new meeting with one of the former stars of Catherine, one love is enough, I ask myself if I am dreaming!
Happily to say my wish was fulfilled to meet the adorable Isabelle Guiard, whom I have admired ever since I saw her in Catherine.

Be my guest to read of our meeting with the heavenly Jeanne d'Arc - the queenly Marie-Antoinette and the gorgeous, but devilish Hieronyma Pazzi.
  who sends a big kiss to her fairygodmother



Meeting with Pierre-Marie Escourrou...

How did this webmistress, 25 years later, after the most popular TV-Series  Catherine, One Love is Enough was on French television, come to be in the same theater as Pierre-Marie Escourrou?

I invite all fans of Pierre-Marie, our Arnaud de Montsalvy, to come and read all the details of our Rencontre Meeting with Pierre-Marie Escourrou

a still speechless...




a night at the Theater.

During my stay my stay in Paris, I was attending Corinne Touzet's latest play directed by Marion Sarraut. I was accompanied by my dear friend Frédérique of the   bibliojbenzoni. We had the great pleasure to watch Corinne Touzet the second time on stage and meeting the very first time the wonderful and ingenious Marion Sarraut...what memories...I invite you to read my report of that unforgettable moment...



It is not the first time I have the honor to announce a NEW book of my most favourite author and personal adored friend Juliette Benzoni. But everyone will surely understand why it is different this time ! I have the grand honor to be forever united with my très chère Juliette Benzoni, my all-time favorite author - together with my daughter Claudia and my dearest friends Frédérique and Hélène. I am sure everyone understands that no words are needed  - except to say: " Juliette, thank you so much for this precious and never in my life expected  honor.

La Chimère d'Or des Borgia


a very touched



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Frédérique, Corinne Touzet
 and Mistral/Linda




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