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For the first time BELLE CATHERINE has the complete text !
more than 12 pages had been omitted by Heinemann in 1966 !

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First published:  in France by Editions de Trévise 1966

First published in  Great Britain 1966 by William Heineman Ltd.
English translation by Jocasta Goodwin - the 12 missing pages translated by Stephen James Walker (Telos Publishing)

Original Telegram sent by HEINEMANN LTD to author Juliette Benzoni 1966 to congratulate Juliette for the great success of BELLE CATHERINE - for more details see also Press pages 

Belle Catherine re-issued in 2017 by Telos Publishing - with more than 12 pages never translated ! Available in hardcover and also Kindle Format or any other devices. here is a direct link to Amazon.com

The re-issued Catherine series is dedicated to Linda Compagnoni Walther as was the wish of the late Juliette Benzoni.

translated into more than twenty languages

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Ballad of Catherine 1965 -  Text: Juliette Benzoni -  Singer: Bernard Stéphane

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Film Adaption in 1969 Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour - Director Bernard Borderie - Music by Michel Magne

Television-Serie in 1986 Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour

Co-Production Antenne 2 - SFP

Director Marion Sarraut

Adaption Juliette Benzoni & Jean Chatenet

Music by Robert Viger


Synopsis : Belle Catherine

France in the fifteenth century is the background to Juliette Benzoni's exciting novel about Catherine Legoix, daughter of a Parisian goldsmith.

The story opens as Catherine awakens in a small boat hidden in a narrow creek. The day before she and Arnaud de Montsalvy had narrowly escaped death for their part in a plot to rescue Jeanne d'Arc; now as the sun comes up, Catherine realizes that Arnaud has disappeared. Determinded to find him and spend the rest of her life at his side, Catherine seeks Arnaud through a France still torn by the ravages of the Hundred Years War.

She is in constant danger from the English soldiery; threatened, in the city of Chartres by the terrible Black Death; imprisoned in Gilles de Rais ghastly "Bluebeard's Castle and forced to witness the barbaric hunting down of her giant servant Gauthier.

At last, Catherine and Arnaud are reunited - and she becomes the Countess of Montsalvy. To her and Arnaud's immense joy - she gives birth to their son "Michel" called after his uncle Michel de Montsalvy.
But already the sky darkens - they arrive at Montsalvy where they find Arnaud's noble castle in ruins - by the order of King Charles VII. Instead of happiness - together with her beloved husband there is now only grief and deep sorrow in store for...

Catherine and Arnaud

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Memorable Quotes

"Lady, I owe you my life. Do with me what you will...but allow me to serve you. The fairest lady may have a faithful dog"
Gauthier the Norman, to Catherine Chapter One
"Can you hide
me and my two servants? I am hunted, cornered...and I am pregnant. And can you help me find Xaintrailles or La Hire?...assuming that they are not in prison too"
Catherine to Jacques Coeur Chapter Seven

"Od's Blood! That's good news! A little Montsalvy! We'll have a great baby and I'll be godfather...you owe me that Catherine."
Jean de Xaintrailles to Catherine Chapter Seven

" I am a Montsalvy and my patents of nobility give me the right to speak to the King, when I want without seeking an audience."
Arnaud de Montsalvy to Jean de Xaintrailles

"Remember, in the hours of pain and sorrow, which still await you, the old pilgrim from Compostela and to whom you brought help, and who will pray for you..remember Barnaby...
Blind Pilgrim to Catherine and Arnaud Chapter Ten

"My heart is full of love and gentleness, the ice is like a flowering mead and all the snow is green...
Arnaud de Montsalvy, singing to Catherine Chapter Ten

"Why so sad, Catherine? Our home is destroyed, but the family is intact. We have shelter...and I love you!
Smile at me, my heart. When you are sad, the whole world is dark.

Arnaud de Montsalvy to Catherine his wife Chapter Eleven

"I would recommend you to use other terms when you speak of my wife. And I expect you to rembember
this: you are my mother and I respect you and I love you, but she is my wife, flesh of my flesh, the breath of life to me and nothing, no one, will make me give her up."

Arnaud de Montsalvy to Isabelle de Montsalvy his mother  Chapter Twelve

"Sir Count! I owe you more than my life, since I owe you also that of my beloved husband. I will not forget
and, for these great gifts, I give you thanks. May I add, that I would love to know who you are?"

Catherine de Montsalvy to Bernard d'Armagnac Chapter Twelve

"Little one, you'll always need more courage. More, perhaps than you know, but you will not fail, because you are his wife."
Sara to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Thirteen

"To the wife of a dear friend, to one who bas been entrusted to my keeping, and is dearer to me than my own kith and kin. Even if it brings down your anger upon me I cannot forgo the duty Montsalvy laid upon me or break my word. You see your husband is my brother-in-arms"!
Sir Hugh Alan Kennedy to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Fifteen

"Michel remains with you...and I...if you want me. I do not know how to say these things, and I know that you have never loved me. However, I am ready to give you all the respect and tenderness I can no longer give to him...
Catherine de Montsalvy to Isabelle de Montsalvy her mother-in-law Chapter Fifteen


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Book 7


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