Catherine - Her Great Journey
former title: Catherine and Arnaud

First published: in France by Editions de Trévise 1967

First published:  in Great Britain 1967 by William Heineman Ltd. Re-issued in 2017 by Telos Publishing.

English translation by Jocasta Goodwin. The new edition will have the title : Catherine : Her Great Journey.

Translated into more than twenty languages

The re-issued Catherine series is dedicated to Linda Compagnoni Walther, (webmaster of this website) with the wish of the late Juliette Benzoni.

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Ballad of Catherine 1965 - Text: Juliette Benzoni  -  Singer: Bernard Stéphane

Film Adaption in 1969 Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour - Director Bernard Borderie -  Music by Michel Magne

Television-Serie in 1986 Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour

Co-Production Antenne 2 - SFP

 Director Marion Sarraut

 Adaption Juliette Benzoni & Jean Chatenet

 Music by Robert Viger


Synopsis : Catherine and Arnaud :

Catherine, now the Comtesse de Montsalvy, struggles to restore her husbands name to it's fromer glory. The Château of Montsalvy has been razed to the ground in the name of King Charles VII. Arnaud himself has been torn from his wife and child, stricken by the ravages of leprosy.France, devasted by the Hundred Years War, is no place for travellers.

Yet Catherine disregards every hazard to join those noble men who are planing the downfall of La Trémoille, the arch-enemy of her cause and of her country.

Success or failure depend upon her and she risks her life in the exotic and daring role which she must play.In the squalor of a gypsy camp, in the splendour of Charles VII's Court, Catherine's courage and exqusite beauty inspire loyalty and passionate love - never forgetting the one man she loves...

Arnaud de Montsalvy

Memorable Quotes

"No mother, I shall not keep the black diamond. It is an accursed jewel. It has brought nothing but misfortune."
Catherine to Dame Isabelle Chapter One

"No!...God is my witness that I love you too and that I would tear this love from my breast if I could, because it is killing me. But you must go!"
Arnaud de Montsalvy to Catherine his wife Chapter Three

"And what is left to me of it? I am all alone, always aone - I have no more love, no husband...
Catherine de Montsalvy to Gauthier her faithful servant Chapter Three

"Monseigneur, your welcome has moved and touched me more than I can say. But I beg you to make use of me exactly as you would havae made use of my beloved husband had it pleased God to spare him! My only remaining desire on this earth is to avenge him and restore to my son what is rightfully his!"
Catherine to Queen Yolande and her Chevaliers Chapter Five

"I shall call you Tchalai...which means "star" in our tongue...but until we get there you are still Catherine, as you always were!
Sara to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Six

"You must realize that I have given a part of this heart to your husband, that Arnaud all stiff with pride and passion and suffering whom I saw one night, weeping like a child for his shattered life and condemned love...
Sara to Catherine de Montsalyv Chapter Eleven

" know very well no man will ever take his place...and that I'll never love another as I loved I still love him!"
Catherine to Sara Chapter Eleven

"...on your knees! And ask God to pardon you for the evil you have done, for torturing my husband, betraying Jeanne d'Arc, pillaging the kingdom, sacrificing so  many innocent lives...
Catherine to Catherine de la Trémoille Chapter Eleven

Every time I see you, you look more beautiful, Catherine...Why do you refuse to allow me to care of you for always?"
Pierre de Brézé to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Twelve

"There are so few pretty women, and now you are wanting to leave us! What is there so attractive about this Auvergne of yours?"
King Charles VII to Catherine Chapter Thirteen

"You were rightly destined for our family, Catherine. Almost by instinct you seem to have stumbled on the old tradition by which the châteleines of Montsalvy would go to Puy, in times of war and danger, to implore divine help and offer their most beautiful jewels to the Madonna. Go, my daughter, you think as a true Montsalvy would!"
Isabelle de Montsalvy to Catherine Chapter Fifteen


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