Book 6 A Snare for Catherine by Juliette Benzoni

June 12 2019

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First published: in France by Editons de Trévise 1973
First published: in Great Britain 1974 by William Heineman Ltd.

English version 336 pages, chapters 14

English translation Anne Carter

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Ballad of Catherine 1965
    Text: Juliette Benzoni
    Singer: Bernard Stéphane

Film Adaption in 1969 Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour
    Director Bernard Borderie
    Music by Michel Magne

Television-Serie in 1986 Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour
    Co-Production Antenne 2 - SFP
    Director Marion Sarraut
    Adaption Juliette Benzoni & Jean Chatenet
    Music by Robert Viger

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Synopsis : A Snare for Catherine...

As Arnaud, the Lord of Montsalvy, rode off proudly one frosty morning  on his black charger, accompanied by his knights, and made for Paris and its liberation from the English, he felt intoxicated by the prospect of the battle to come. Neither he nor Catherine, ever imagined that soon Catherine would face far harder struggles alone. Knowing that Arnaud has left, a band of routiers, the Achpiers, besiege the castle with ruthless determination. Although the town manages to hold off the attack, the lady of Montsalvy, finds she has to reckon with the cunning of Béralt d'Apchier. When he sends one of his sons to Arnaud in Paris falsely to accuse Catherine of adultery and betrayal, Catherine knows that to save her marriage - she must escape from Montsalvy and go to Paris herself.

Catherine's all-consuming passion for Arnaud carries her on against every adversity, every desperate setback. Her love for him is tested to the limits as she confronts the atrocities of war, torture and despair and... Arnaud's part in them

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Memorable Citations

"It was not wise of you to celebrate the baptism of your daughter Isabelle with such great festivities! No doubt is was splendid to entertain the old Queen and the Constable but it gave some of us a chance to estimate the wealth of your castle and its contents. Ah they are a fine sight, all those great tapestries and silken sheets and huge dresses loaded with gold and silver plate! By my faith, I want my share!"
Bérault d'Apchier to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter One

"Augustin says "a lord" - but his daughter thinks of Messire Arnaud. You've only to see how she looks at him when he rides through the town. Like a cat at a cream pot! And when she makes her curtsy to him, it's a wonder she doesn't fall flat on her face!"
Marie Rallard to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Two

"You must answer to me, now, Gervais. But do not deceive yourself. My conditions are the same as Dame Catherine's. With this difference only, that I shall add to it absolution from your sins if your repentence is sincere...before I hang you."
Abbot Bernard d'Olt Calmont to Gervais Malrat Chapter Four

"By St Quentin, St Omer and every other saint in Flanders, Catherine, you'll never change! Your imagination
is always running way ahead of your pretty nose, and just as freely as in the days when you dressed up as a gypsy and dyed your hair black to mount an attack on that fat devil La Trémoille and lead him to his ruin! You run on and on! But, good God, have I ever given you cause to doubt my friendship!"
Tristan l'Hermite to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Six

"What man worthy of the name could stand by with folded arms and look the other way when his brother's murderer walked past? Not my husband, that I do know! The Montsalvy's have blood in their veins, warm, red blood which they do not hesitate to spill generoulsy for king and country!"
Catherine de Montsalvy to Tristan l'Hermite Chapter Six

"So Madame de Montsalvy, you have come! I was scarcely expecting you and, to be quite honest with you, I'm not at all glad to see you. I may say it's the first time."
Constable Arthur de Richemont to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Seven

"Arnaud always needs me, always! But no one ever thinks of asking whether I might need Arnaud! I am his property, his rest and recreation, his mistress of his house and his chief vassal, his mistress and his servant, and everyone thinks it perfectly natural and fair and right that I should perform all this unflinchingli!
Catherine de Montsalvy to Tristan l'Hermite Chapter Eight

Do not thank me! I am not doing this for you, still less to save that troublesome husband of yours who had better take care in future not to give men cause to talk of him except on the field of battle - escpecially when I am king! For I  shall know how to control my nobles, I promise you!"
Le Dauphin, future King Louis XI to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Nine

"The Lady of Montsalvy has no business with new jewellery while her people are in want. I've told you what ravages we have suffered this spring. It has been so bad that I was intending to ask you to pay us our revenues in kind: in corn and seed, cloth, wool, hide, fodder and all the other things we may be short of next winter"!
Catherine de Montsalvy to Jacques Coeur Chapter Ten

"He? Dead? Come, come! You don't believe a word of it and nor do I! When that man dies, something is bound to happen - earthquake or flood, I don't know, but some extraordinary event there must be to tell the world!"
Queen Yolande d'Anjou to Catherine de Montsalvy Chapter Eleven

"I make war Catherine, and this is what war is! All war is like this, however much it hurts you to believe it. I'm doing no more than I've always done, what they all do, La Hire Xaintrailles and all the rest you are so fond of."
Arnaud de Montsalvy to Catherine his wife Chapter Thirteen

"When you went away, Seigneur Comte, I was already Dame Catherine's page. I am so still and I have followed her wherever she has gone to serve and aid her as best I could. But you Messire - are you still the man she loved so deeply?"
Béranger de Roquemaurel to Arnaud de Montsalvy Chapter Thirteen

I won't let him die! I won't! He can't! It must'nt end like this between us, in hatred and anger! God cannot do that to me! He is mine - only mine! I've spent my whole life for him, for love of him! It's not possible...! Save him! Oh please him? I'm the one who is dying.!
Catherine de Montsalvy to Gauthier de Chazey Chapter Thirteen

"My love, I want so much to stay, to stay with you always - even in the grave! I wish I could die too! But there are the children, our children - they need me, you see! I must go back to them - to our home - for their sake! I must go away and leave you, my darling...."
Catherine de Montsalvy to her unconscious husband Arnaud de Montsalvy Chapter Fourteen


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