Juliette Benzoni


published 1973

by Circulo do Livro

( language Portuguese)


Original Titles in Brasil (portuguese)
Original titles and their meaning in English
Book 1 Catherine A Bela
Book 2 Nada Mais Que o Amor
Book 3 Catherine
Book 4 O longo Caminho de Catherine
Book 5 Catherine e o Tempo de Amar
Book 6 O Sofrimento de Catherine
Book 7 E O Rei Cativo
Book 1 Catherine, the Beauty
Book 2 Nothing more than Love
Book 3 Catherine, the Prisoner
Book 4 The long road of Catherine
Book 5 Catherine ant the Time to Love
Book 6 The sorrow of Catherine
Book 7 The captive King


And what a joy - all seven books have been translated! Hurrah...


Book 1

Book 2

Book 3


Book 4

Book 5

Book 6

Book 7


I would like to thank Marina from Brasil very much for having had the kindness sending me all seven Catherine book covers from her country. What a pleasure to have such friends all over the world! Linda, webmaster

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