Juliette Benzoni

Czech Republic

published 1992

by Tatran

translation by various interpreters


Juliette Benzoniová - Krásná Kateřina (Belle Catherine)


Book 1 Krásná Kateřina - Jediná láska - (translation: The only Love)
Book 2
Krásná Kateřina - Zlaté rúono - (translation: The Golden Fleece)
Book 3
Krásná Kateřina - Navždy spoutaná (translation: Forever Enchained)

For Books 4
, 5, 6 and 7 see the International covers of SLOVAKIA, thank you

For unknown reasons to me the books 4,5,6 & 7 have not been re-issued in the Czech Republic !


Book 1







These are the  above books without the book cover - what a lovely idea to present Catherine


I would like to thank Kristina for these details. She and her sister went especially for our Catherine de Montsalvy website to a library in their hometown in Slovakia - took these three books at home - to take some photos of the missing covers! I am so touched by this favour they have done for my site. Otherwise none of us would ever have seen these pretty Czech book covers! To explain why you see six book covers is easy told. First you are looking at the hardcover photo! Taken that off - there is on each of the three books a painting of Catherine. What a lovely idea

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