Juliette Benzoni


Published 1964

publisher : Blanvalet Verlag and many more...

Translated by: Hans Nicklisch & Egon Strohm



Original booklet from 1964
introducing Catherine to German readers!


While searching for book covers of Catherine on the Net, I stumbled on  Der Spiegel edition of 1963, who brought a long article about Anne Golon and her success with "Angelique". On  the last paragraph, they introduced a  certain French newcomer called Juliette Benzoni and her book Eine Liebe ist genug (One love is enough)
Lothar Blanvalet promised each reader who would send back the gift coupon which was in the new Angelique book - would then receive not only an autograph of Anne Golon - but also two  chapters from Eine Liebe ist genug !


The Catherine books were very popular in all German speaking countries like: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The very first publication by Blanvalet Verlag, are beautifully designed - every chapter has it's ornaments - this is also one of the reasons I cannot understand, why they chose to publish only one book, instead of two and why no one ever realized (and protested!) how much the first two books were shortened! But to be fair with Blanvalet, as far as I found out by reading them also in French - the other five books have all the content of the original French series, which cannot be said from the English translations - who did not even translate the the "famous" seventh book!

I have added for Austria, Germany and Switzerland the exact same book covers. What is certain - Blanvalet Verlag was the first to publish the Catherine books in 1964 and it was always Hans Nicklisch and Egon Strohm who translated the books from French to German!
There were many book clubs, be that in Germany, Austria or Switzerland for whom Blanvalet gave the rights, that they could also publish Catherine books for their readers. The above cover we see of Catherine de Montsalvy was for example published for all three countries. Frankfurt - Vienna- Zürich.. After more than forty years it is now very difficult to determine which cover belonged to which country
- also because there are at times inconsistent information by sellers....

Titles in German

book 1 Cathérine * 1 & 2
2 Unbezwingliche Cathérine
book 3 Cathérine de Montsalvy
book 4 Cathérine und die Zeit der Liebe
book 5 Cathérine im Sturm

book 6 Cathérine und der Weg ins Glück
Titles translated

book 1 & 2 Catherine
book 2 Invincible Catherine
book 3 Catherine de Montsalvy
book 4 Catherine and the time of Love
book 5 A Snare for Catherine
book 6 Catherine and the road to happiness


Original titles

book 1 Il Suffit d'un Amour
2 Il Suffit d'un Amour
book 3 Belle Catherine
book 4 Catherine des Grand Chemins
book 5 Catherine et le Temps d'Aimer

book 6 Piège pour Catherine
book 7
La Dame de Montsalvy

* Book 1 is a combination of the first two books -  strongly abridged!

1- 4 original hardcovers 1964 - 1980 Blanvalet-Verlag
5- 6 original hardcovers Herbig-Verlag



original hardcovers Deutscher Bücherbund 1964 - 65



Büchergilde Gutenberg 1971 Special edition for Frankfurt Vienna, Zürich

rororo first paperpack editions of the Catherine books in German 1972 - 1989





Blanvalet  for Bertelmann-Verlag  1970 - 1980


Kaiser -Verlag 1983 book 3 Catherine de Montsalvy - cover not found !

Rororo paperpack ( Verlag Rowohlt ) 1983 book 6 missing in these editions

book 1

book 2

book 3

book 4

book 5

hardcover Lingen -Verlag 1985 - book 6 missing in these editions
photos with Olga Georges-Picot from the movie 1968 Catherine, il suffit d'un amour

Goldmann Verlag paperback 1 -  4 1988 -  book 5 & 6 missing in these editions - Pawel Moewig -Verlag 1988 only book 6 ?
this is the most shocking cover - since when was Catherine de Montsalvy black-haired ?

book 1

book 2

book 3

book 4

book 6

Naumann Gobel  1990 - for Austria only books 5 & 6 found  - Ullstein paperbacks 1995 - only book 5 & 6 cover found


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