Juliette Benzoni


published 1969/70

by M. Mizrahi

translated - Aliza Netzer

Book 6 & 7

never translated


קטרין היפה

A Snare for Catherine and The Lady of Montsalvy were not translated in Hebrew !

I would like to express my gratitude to Sagit from Israel, for sending me four Book covers and the names in Hebrew and English of the Catherine books. Sagit was one of the first visitors who found the "Catherine de Montsalvy" website and spontanously scanned her Book covers and sent them by email to me !! And that was in 2008 !!

תּוֹדָה עַל הָעֶזְרָה
(thank you for your help)


Titles in hebrew

Book 1 קטרין היפה  Katherine Hayafa
Book 2
קטרין היפה והדוכס Katherine Hayafa veHadukas
Book 3
נצחונה של קטרין היפה Nitzhona shel Katherine Hayafa
Book 4
נקמתה של קטרין היפה Nikmata shel Katherine Hayafa
Book 5
קטרין היפה בהרמון הכליף Katherine Hayafa beharmon Hakalif   
Book 6 not translated...
Book 7 not translated...

Title translated

Book 1 The beautiful Catherine
Book 2 Beauty and the Duke
Book 3 The Victory of the beautiful Catherine
Book 4 Revenge of the beautiful Catherine
Book 5 Catherine, the Caliph and the beautiful Harem


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