Juliette Benzoni


published 1967

by Garzanti

translated by Roberto Ortolani


Book 6 & 7 never translated in Italy !


Titles of the English editions

Book 1 La Belle Catherine
Book 2 La passione di Catherine
Book 3 La fuga di Catherine
Book 4 La vendetta di Catherine
Book 5 Catherine e il tempo di amare
Book 6 --- never translated
Book 7 --- never translated


Title names translated

Book 1 The Beautiful Catherine
Book 2 The Passion of Catherine
Book 3 The Escape of Catherine
Book 4 The Revenge of Catherine
Book 5 Catherine and the time to love
Book 6 ---never translated
Book 7--- never translated
Original French titles

Book 1 Il suffit d'un amour
Book 2 Il suffit d'un amour
Book 3 Belle Catherine
Book 4 Catherine des grand chemins
Book 5 Catherine et le temps d'aimer
Book 6 Piège pour Catherine
Book 7 La Dame de Montsalvy


when I found the Italian edition of "La Passione di Catherine" on Ebay, I had no idea what a treasure I got! It shows inside the book, Juliette Benzoni the first time she went to her publisher to sign her books...

while visting Juliette Benzoni on 2010 we approached her with the knowledge that she was actually "La Contessa Benzoni" she smiled and for my pleasure she signed my Italian hard cover edition with the name of "Juliette Contessa Benzoni!

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book 3

book 4

book 5

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