published in 1964

by Delos Ayma 1964
Bruguera 1970 & 1976

translated by  María Teresa Rubio
and  Pedro Mora


My personal guess is that the Spanish Catherine books were published in three different kinds of  editions... but what is more or less certain, the last two Catherine books : « Piège pour Catherine » and « La Dame de Montsalvy » have not been translated into Spanish. I am sure of that because when in 1976 the 10 Bruguera Bolsilibro club editions came out, La Dame de Montsalvy was not yet finished by Juliette !

1964  by DELOS AYMA - Hardcover
1970  by BRUGUERA - Hardcover  
1976  by BRUGUERA for Bolsilibro club editions - paperbacks  

Guess work - the black & white book is Delos-Ayma's without the cover
Yet where are the other four? Or did Bruguera take over from Delos-Ayma ?

La irresistible pasión femenina tiene un nombre: 
Catherine, la deliciosa muchacha surgida
de la pluma magistral de la condesa Benzoni."

Text written on the back side of each
« Bruguera Bolsilibro Club Edition »

Text translated from a newspaper back in 1963, where we learn that Spain belonged also to one of those 9 - 10 countries who bought the rights to translate the Catherine books.


Original Spanish Titles

Book 1 Basta con un amor...
Book 2 Catherine, La esposa vendida
Book 3 Una pasion turbulenta
Book 4 Un nuevo amor
Book 5 Largo camino para un amor

...and the meaning in English

Book 1 One love is enough
Book 2 Catherine, the sold wife
Book 3 a turbulent love
Book 4 a new love
Book 5 A long road to happiness

Original French titles

Book 1 Il Suffit d'un Amour
2 Il Suffit d'un Amour
Book 3 Belle Catherine
Book 4 Catherine des Grand Chemins
Book 5 Catherine et le Temps d'Aimer

Book 6 Piège pour Catherine
Book 7 La Dame de Montsalvy

 Bruguera  club edition 1976
...and the meaning in English  
  1. Basta con un amor...
  2. El Guardian del Tesoro
  3. El secreto de Garin
  4. El suplicio de amar
  5. Una Pasion turbulenta
  6. El sello maldito (Belle Catherine)
  7. Los Caballeros de la Reina
  8. La sombra del pasado
  9. Largo camino para un amor
  10. El tiempo de amar
  1. One Love is Enough
  2. The Guardian of the treasure
  3. The Secret of Garin
  4. The torment of love
  5. A turbulent love
  6. The cursed Seal
  7. The Knights of the Queen
  8. The shaodow of the Past
  9. Long road to love
  10. A time to love


the second hardcover book  La esposa vendida could finally be found in September 2014
merci Frédérique - great moment to have completed another series !

 Bruquera book 1

 Bruquera book 2

 Bruquera book 3

 Bruquera book 4

 Bruquera book 5

 BRUGUERA - Bolsilibro club editions - paperbacks


 Bruquera club edition 1

Bruquera club edition 2

Bruquera club edition 3

Bruquera club edition


Bruquera club edition 5

Bruquera club edition 6

Bruquera club edition 7

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Bruquera club edition 9

Bruquera club edition 10

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