Juliette BENZONI
30.10.1920 - 7.2.2016


Juliette BENZONI


Published 1964

publisher : Blanvalet Verlag, Herbig, Deutscher Bücherbund, Büchergilde Gutenberg, Rororro (first paperbacks) Bertelsmann Verlag, Kaiser-Verlag, Lingen-Verlag, Goldmann-Verlag,  Naumann Gobel, Ullstein

Translated by: Hans Nicklisch & Egon Strohm

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Original Brochure from 1964 - introducing Catherine to German readers!

While searching for book covers of Catherine on the Net, I stumbled on  Der Spiegel edition of 1963, who brought a long article about Anne Golon and her success with "Angelique". On  the last paragraph, they introduced a  certain French newcomer called Juliette Benzoni and her book Eine Liebe ist genug (One love is enough)
Lothar Blanvalet promised each reader who would send back the gift coupon which was in the new Angelique book - would then receive not only an autograph of Anne Golon - but also two chapters  of Eine Liebe ist genug !

Original Telegram by BLANVALET VERLAG


Some thoughts about the German Catherine books.

The Catherine books were also very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The very first publication by Blanvalet Verlag was beautifully designed. However,  I cannot understand, why BLANVALET
chose to publish the first two Catherine books in 1 edition, instead of two (as everyone else did !). It explains why there are 6 and not 7 German editions of Catherine in German 

I read the Catherine novels in four different languages, so it was  obivious that I would one day notice that there was a lot of text missing in the first book. What a pity... because BLANVALET did otherwise a beautiful job with Juliette Benzoni's Catherine books. As the author told me personally on one of my many visits, she especially had loved how the German books were designed - yet Mrs. Benzoni had no idea that the first book was abriged.

I have added for Austria, Germany and Switzerland the exact same book covers. There were many book clubs, be that in Germany, Austria or Switzerland to whom Blanvalet sold the rights. The last Publisher is to my confirmed knowledge

Franckh- Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co KG 
F.A. Herbig Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH

Update May 2017
Here is an article I translated from French where we learn that GERMANY also belonged to the nine countries who bought the rights to publish Catherine - even though the book was not yet available in the bookshops in FRANCE !

Translated article from 1963

I quote from the above translated article:
« She carried the story to Editions de Trévise, who accepted it straightaway and communicated it immediately to nine foreign Publishers. (Holland, England, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Turkey). The latter, enthusiastic, cabled their agreement at once.

Titles in German

book 1 Cathérine * 1 & 2
2 Unbezwingliche Cathérine
book 3 Cathérine de Montsalvy
book 4 Cathérine und die Zeit der Liebe
book 5 Cathérine im Sturm

book 6 Cathérine und der Weg ins Glück
Titles translated

book 1 & 2 Catherine
book 2 Invincible Catherine
book 3 Catherine de Montsalvy
book 4 Catherine and the time of Love
book 5 A Snare for Catherine
book 6 Catherine and the road to happiness


Original titles

book 1 Il Suffit d'un Amour
2 Il Suffit d'un Amour
book 3 Belle Catherine
book 4 Catherine des Grand Chemins
book 5 Catherine et le Temps d'Aimer

book 6 Piège pour Catherine
book 7
La Dame de Montsalvy

* Book 1 is a combination of the first two CATHERINE books -  strongly abridged and Mister Nicklisch took the liberty to change at the end of the book a certain important scene! I do not believe that the author would have aloud that if she had known in 1964 !

1- 4 original hardcovers 1964 - 1980 Blanvalet-Verlag
5- 6 original hardcovers Herbig-Verlag



original hardcovers Deutscher Bücherbund 1964 - 65



Büchergilde Gutenberg 1971 Special edition for Frankfurt Vienna, Zürich

this was to be found in my own country Switzerland - as were all other Catherine editions...the same can be said for Austria...

rororo first paperpack editions of the Catherine books in German 1972 - 1989





Blanvalet  for Bertelmann-Verlag  1970 - 1980








It seems like Kaiser -Verlag in 1983 did not publish the last two books - strange

rororo paperpack ( Verlag Rowohlt ) 1983 book 6 missing in these editions

book 1

book 2

book 3

book 4

book 5

hardcover Lingen -Verlag 1985 - book 6 missing in these editions
photos with Olga Georges-Picot from the movie 1968 Catherine, il suffit d'un amour

Goldmann Verlag paperback 1 -  4 1988 -  book 5 & 6 missing in these editions - Pawel Moewig -Verlag 1988 only book 6 ?

book 1

book 2

book 3

book 4

book 6

Naumann Gobel  1990 - for Austra only books 5 & 6 found  - Ullstein paperbacks 1995 - only book 5 & 6 cover found


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