photo of author Juliette Benzoni


Juliette BENZONI


published 2016 & 2017

by Carobna knjiga

translated by Jelena Miletić



It is a great pleasure to know that after England re-issued the Catherine books in 2015 - it is now Serbia's turn. In the case of Serbia, it is the very first time their readers have that pleasure. Before that 5 of the 7 Catherine books were only available in Croatian.

Interesting fact: the publishing house Carobna knijga decided to use the same images as publisher POCKET (France) used in 2015 the Manuscripts
« Les très riches heures du duc de Berry »

Carobna knijga did so far not publish the never before translated two books Snare for Catherine and The Lady of Montsalvy, just like Croatia never had.

We can only hope  for the faithful readers that it is the project for the new year 2018...

I like to thank my friend Frédérique for discovering the 31rd country. She is the best detective

Titles in Serbian

Book 1 Ljubav na prvi pogled
Book 2 Vatra i voda
Book 3 Ja, Arnaud
Book 4
Velika iskušenja
5 Vreme ljubavi
Translated Titles

Book 1 Love at first sight
Book 2 Water and Fire
Book 3 I, Arnaud
Book 4 The great Temptation
Book 5 Catherine and a time for love
Original French titles

Book 1 Il Suffit d'un Amour I
2 Il Suffit d'un Amour II
Book 3 Belle Catherine
Book 4 Catherine des grands Chemins
Book 5 Catherine et le temps d'Aimer

Book 6 Piège pour Catherine
Book 7 La Dame de Montsalvy

Book 6 & 7 so far not published in Serbia !


Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5


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