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some photos of the stars of La Florentine

La Florentine

directed by  Marion Sarraut

Screenplay Juliette Benzoni and Jean Chatenet

Music by Robert Viger

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Anne Jacquemin Fiora Beltrami
Alain Peyan Philippe de Selongey
Isabelle Guiard Hieronyma Pazzi
Bruno Pradal Francesco Beltrami
Benoît Vallès Lorenzo il Magnifico
Philippe Lemaire Jacopo Pazzi
François Dyrek Démétrios
Benoît Brione Charles the Bold
Yves Penay le Roi Louis XI
Christian Rauth Philippe de Commynes
Rebecca Potok Léonarde
Hugues Profy Esteban
Brigitte Aubry Chiara Albizzi
Jacques Brucher Marino
Henry Guybet Agnello Nardi
Pierre Aufrey Comte de Campobasso
Bernard Dhéran Panigarola
Jean-François Vlerick Douglas Mortimer
Julie Odekerken Sarraut une Émeutière


... and many more ...


some photos of the stars of La Florentine


first shooting day of
« La Florentine »
(text on the photo by Juliette Benzoni)


a little treasure found for us by Juliette's daughter Anne Gallois. It is a never seen photo so far, taken at the first day of the shooting of Fiora adapted from the four books of Juliette, directed by Marion Sarraut. It was the fourth series which was filmed for French television. The DVD's can still be found online to be bought.
From left to right we see:

Bruno Pradal who played Francesco Beltrami, Benoit Valles - Lorenzo de Medicis, Juliette Benzoni,
Marion Sarraut, Philippe Lemaire - Jacopo Pazzi and the two leading stars, Anne Jacquemin who was our beautiful Fiora and dashing Alain Payen, Philippe de Selongey.

..and down below some personal photos of Dame Marion Sarraut, director of Fiora.  Thank you so much dear Dame Marion for sharing your photo album with my website. It is my pleasure to share them with all fans of Juliette's Bestseller Fiora.
Linda, webmaster

Juliette Benzoni andFrançois Dyrek (Démétrius)
during the shootting of LA FLORENTINE

in the middle we see Marion Sarraut, director of the TV-Series at work.
Bernard Dhéran and Anne Jaquemin, our heorine

Yves Peney alias Louis XI 
Christian Rauth (Philippes de Commynes)
and Anne Jacquemin our Fiora Beltrami

Anne Jacquemin and Bernard Déhran
during a break of the shooting !



Anne Jacquemin

Francesco Beltrami

Philippe de Selongey


Hieronyma Pazzi

Lorenzo Il Magnifico

Louis XI & Philippe de Commynes


Fiora et Philippe

La Florentine

photo - Anne Jaquemin et Bruno Pradal

Charles le Témérére

small image  - click - large image

Fiora and Lorenzo de Medici - the Magnificent


the beautiful Anne Jacquemin

the beautiful Anne Jacquemin

Beautiful Anne Jacquemin has been and still is
in numerous  film and Theater productions on stage

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Anne Jacquemin - La Florentine

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