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10 years ago we did not have Facebook. My goal was to bring back Catherine to everybody's attention, Juliette's first bestseller.

Yet the Catherine de Montsalvy site does not just have pages about our heroine...I have dedicated pages to our Juliette, the author of 86 books - to dear Dame Marion, some of the former stars, history pages about the real characters... and many more exciting subjects. Just have a look at the "site map" ! to visit the Catherine site, one needs time to find all the hidden treasure's. My sister has done many of the marvelous creations - as has my friend Frédérique. I gave them a hint and those wonderful girls came out with real Artworks. Now I like to present you one of my all-time favorite pages that of the portrait of "Catherine" the way Juliette had imagined her.

Portrait of Catherine

 Juliette Benzoni's personal painting

text Linda Compagnoni Walther
October 2009

Dear friends of the Catherine de Montsalvy books. Let me introduce to you the "Catherine" of our favorite author Juliette Benzoni. What you see on the above image, is a very beautiful painting which belonged to the famous writer herself. My dear friend Frédérique of the French "Juliette Benzoni Blog", and I, have had the exceptional great honor to be invited by none other than Juliette Benzoni at her home in 2009.

During our stay on that unbelievable first afternoon, at one point, our Juliette got up and said: Linda, do you want to know how "Catherine" looked like?

Have a close look at that painting over there on the wall"! I made two steps and looked the first time at Juliette's "Catherine". I had her  permission to take the precious canvas down.

Well, I am not Arnaud de Montsalvy and can therefore not use his words which are written on top of this page - but as the passionate admirer I am of Catherine I must say, this beautiful painting had on the spot captured my heart! We all have had I am sure, our own different ideas how she might have looked like. Thanks to Juliette's generosity and sweetness, we know now how she must have imagined her very first heroine way back in 1963 !

Juliette told us that she had one of Jean van Eyck's famous Madonna paintings in mind. She asked an artist, a very good friend, if he would do her the pleasure and "create" for her Catherine de Montsalvy.

What you see now on this extra page is his wonderful work!

Even though I am so thrilled to see this portrait, I am not forgetting Claudine Ancelot who has in my humble opinion, brought Catherine to "life" with her unforgettable interpretation of Catherine de Montsalvy.


Thank you dearest Juliette for your kindness and generosity to share your treasure with all of us. Thank you also Claudine for all the happy hours you bestowed on us with being our Catherine in the TV-Series Catherine, il suffit d'un amour directed by Marion Sarraut .

 Linda Compagnoni Walther
September 2009

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