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The story begins in 1457...

Fiora and the Magnificent - Fiora et le Magnifique  - 1988

Burgundy, in 1457. While Francesco Beltrami a rich merchant from Florence, is staying in Dijon, he is witnessing the execution  of two young lovers  - Marie and Jean de Brevailles - brother and sister from a noble house. He is able to save their baby daughter from a sure death - and brings the child to Florence, his hometown. Fiora grows up believing  she is his daughter. It is the time of Lorenzo il Magnifico - who is fascinated by the beauty of  the beautiful Fiora. At his court she meets one day a young noble from Bourgogne Philippe de Selongey.

Fiora and Charles the Bold - Fiora et le Téméraire - 1988

Determined to avenge her mother Marie de Brévailles, executed for adultery and incest, Fiora left Florence of the Medici and took the road to Burgundy of Charles the Bold. She vowed to kill the three responsible of the drama: the husband who mocked and violated her, her grandfather and the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold.

A perilous enterprise. To achieve this vengeance, all means are good. The young woman "forged out of iron and misfortune" will not hesitate to enter into the service of Louis XI and play courtesan or tracking Charles the Bold in his wanderings and his combats until his fall before Nancy. Nothing and nobody can stop Fiora. But exists there someone who can give her peace and happiness?

Fiora and the Pope - Fiora et le Pape - 1989

Nestling in the exquisite mansion Touraine which Louis XI donated to her, Fiora awaits the birth of her child by Philippe de Selongey her husband, when she learns the terrible news: her husband, "Burgundian rebel" was sentenced to death for refusing to join France after the downfall of Charles the Bold and Burgundy.

, Fiora must nevertheless confront new twists of fate. Shortly after the birth of her son, she is kidnapped and taken to Rome, where she is the victim of a heinous plot hatched by His Holiness Sixtus IV. Yet she manages to leave the holy city for Florence, the town of the Medici ...

Fiora and the King of France - Fiora et le Roi - 1990

A fabulous combination of circumstances threw Fiora into the arms of  Lorenzo de Medici. But a messenger of the King of France carries a new surprise for her: her husband Philippe Selongey was not executed.

Upset -
Fiora returns to France and begins looking for the man she has always loved. Thus begins a long quest that will lead her to Avignon, Bruges, Nancy ... her route will be sown with perfidy. Will Fiora succeed once again to triumph over adversity and to thwart the machinations of fate? Mystery is guaranteed until the end of the last page in this exciting saga.

Foreign Countries:
The La  Florentine Saga was first published in France. Other foreign Countries are:
Czech Republic, Germany - Hungary, Lithunia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Ukrania. Hélas they were not translated in England and Italy.
Interesting detail:  
Dedication in Fiora et le Magnifique by Juliette Benzoni to her faithful readers :
To all those, to all them who loved Catherine, Marianne and the Lure of the Falcon... with all my friendship J.B

Interesting detail :

Juliette Benzoni mentions in the fourth book "Fiora and the King" her first heroine « Catherine de Montsalvy »

Critique in French newspaper Le Figaro 1988

If Giuseppe Verdi were still alive, he would hurry up and create an opera with this novel.

Extract 1.  Fiora and Charles the Bold
Charles le Téméraire : You hate me, is it not so?

She did not hesitate and had no trouble to answer, her grey eyes looking into the black eyes of the Prince:

: yes...without you, I would be happy...
Charles le Téméraire : without me, you would not even know him. Why would he have come to Florence?

Charles the Bold ca. 1462 by Rogier van der Weyden
New publishing of the La Florentine Saga 2018

At the end of 2018, France Loisirs decided to publish the four books as Integrale. The books are in beautiful box and are a must for collectors of Juliette Benzoni's books.
Thanks to this box set, rediscover Juliette Benzoni's classic. The Florentine is Fiora, an orphan adopted by Francesco Beltrami, a rich Italian merchant. From Florence to Burgundy, Rome and Bruges, the young woman will go through her share of hardships, such as the death sentence of her husband while she is carrying hisr child. Love, passion, betrayal, revenge, conspiracy... Immerse yourself in this thrilling romantic saga!
text on France Loisirs website

Grand livre du Mois (Great book of the Month) - Interview with Juliette Benzoni
 Extrait  from an article of L'Actu Littéraire 2000 discovered on the Web.
Juliette Benzoni, the Club's favourite novelist (of which she has been a personal member for nearly twenty years), is the most widely translated French author in the world. A worthy heir to Alexandre Dumas, whom she surpasses by the rigour and accuracy of her sources, Queen Juliette has raised the once discredited genre of the "historical novel" to the pinnacle of letters. On the occasion of the publication of Tragic Queens, the Club met this great writer.
"I choose my heroines in a given time, but I make them react like modern women so that my readers can find themselves in them."

The Club: Your heroines often have a tragic dimension, linked to the time and setting you choose. So in Florentine, which is to this day your greatest success at the Club, you plunge us into the Italian Renaissance. Is this one of your favorite times?

Juliette Benzoni: The Florence of the Quattrocento has fascinated me for a very long time. Before I even started publishing, I dreamed of writing a novel about him. So I had already gathered a lot of documentation. The trigger came when I decided to base myself on an authentic story that happened in the Cotentin a century later, under Henry IV.

The Club: It takes breath to engage in a four-volume series. Did you start by writing a plan?

Juliette Benzoni: When I start a new series, I know where I'm going, but I still don't know how I'll get there. For Florentine, there were the Medici, the popes, both unworthy and very artistic, the kings of France. And Fiora's native country: Burgundy, a region that I love very much and in which I lived for ten years.

The Club: Fiora has many sexual experiences, without giving up romantic love?

Juliette Benzoni: It's true, she is living a love story with a big A. And then, things being what they are, he sometimes lets himself go... Here, I'll tell you everything! I choose my heroines in a given time, but I make them react like modern women so that my readers can find themselves in them.

info - photo de Juliette Benzoni
Juliette Benzoni during a visit to the shooting of La Florentine in1990 - photo with François Dyrek (Démétrius)

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The Fiora books were also translated in :
Czech Republic
- * Germany - Hungary - Lithunia - Poland - Portugal - Russia - Ukrania

*in Germany only the first two books were translated !

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