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1. La Dague au lys rouge
(Plon 2010)
2. Le Couteau de Ravaillac
(Plon 2010)

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She is an orphan.
She was raised in a convent.
She is the heiress to a great fortune and the ward of the Queen of France, Marie de Medici.

summary by Linda, webmaster
I adore the new heroine in La Dague au lys rouge  called Lorenza Davanzati born in Florence, Italy.
(plays between : 1608 - 1612) of Madalena de Medici and ward of French Queen Marie de Medici) who had come to Paris to marry young and handsome "Antoine de Sarrance"! Her first fiancé Vittorio Strozzi had been stabbed with a dagger, ornated with a precious red lily. Together with the dagger, the assassin had left also a piece of paper: which said: whoever wanted to marry "Lorenza" would end the same way! 

Lorenza's reception in France - is not the way she had imagined it! A betrothed who had refused to marry her - a godmother who is the Queen of intrigues - a supposed to be "father-in-law" who tries to rape her - and of course as we are used  from Juliette,  lovable characters, we shall surely not forget!
What will happen to the adorable Lorenza? Will there be a happy end with the "Marquis Antoine de Sarrance" or with his best friend "Baron Thomas de Courcy"?


interesting detail : interview with Juliette Benzoni, talking  about her book La Dague au Lys Rouge which was chosen in May 2010 as  Grand Livre du Mois. A great honor, for an ingenious personalitiy as Juliette Benzoni is. I am sure it will not be the last AWARD Juliette Benzoni will receive. My personal wish, that finally her books shall be translated into English and all other countries, where Juliette Benzoni has faithful readers!


interesting detail : I would like to thank Hélène, my French amie for her magnificent creation. It is her tribute to Juliette Benzoni's book la Dague au Lys Rouge. As we learned from Juliette herself, she would have preferred the paintings of Rossetti for her series Le Bal des poignards - that is of Lady Lilith.  The text on this creation is taken from the  book la Dague au Lys Rouge

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