(The dance of the daggers - Book 1)

(The red lily dagger)
by Juliette Benzoni

text translated from French by Linda, webmaster
(this book series has so far not been translated into English)

...the evening before the departure of the young man, she proposed to him to take a walk along the pond. The night was warm, star-spangled for romantic wishes. They walked side by side for several minutes without speaking. Thomas was leaving at dawn. He did not want to spoil this moment but digressions were not in the nature of Lorenza. That's why she said without preamble:
- Do you still wish to make me your wife, Thomas?
- You have not changed your mind? Well, me neither
! he replied in a calm voice  hoarse of emotion.

They were unable to move in front of each other and were silent. They looked for a moment in silence at each other as if they hesitated yet of words, but then, it was him who broke the silence:

- I love you more than ever! he whispered.
Enough to
respect ...

- No, she interrupted him by
putting a finger on his mouth. It would be demeaning to both of us. On our wedding night, I shall be entirely yours, without a second thought, no regrets, and I believe with happiness!

- Lorenza! ... Really?
- Take me in your arms, Thomas, tighten them very hard ... and never open them again!

- As long as I live, Lorenza! As long as I ...
Their first kiss
stifled the last word ...

Girl with Cherries
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

attributed to Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis
(artist in Leonardo da Vinci's circle)

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