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Debut of the story in 1793...


Marianne (Heinemann Ltd. 1969)
(first published by : Èditions de Trévise 1969)

Marianne d'Asselnat de Villeneuve, daughter of a French Marquis and an English lady - who both perished during the French Revolution. She was rescued as a baby by her godfather  Gauthier de Chazay and brought to England to her spinster aunt Ellis Selton. On her wedding night the dashing Francis Cranmere - her new husband, gambled away her virginity and fortune to an American Sea-Captain named Jason Beaufort.
Marianne's whole life takes a different turn from this moment on - believing that she killed Françis Cranmere in a duel. - Marianne is able to escape to Paris where she meets Napoleon Bonaparte, the man she has sworn to hate...


Marianne and the masked  Prince (Heinemann Ltd. 1971)

Beautiful, dark-haired Marianne d'Asselnat fled England, leaving her dastardly husband for dead in the blazing ruins of what had been their home. In France her beauty and wit won the heart of the Emperor himself, Napoleon Bonaparte, and under his patronage she found a place in Parisian society and a new career as an opera singer. But on the very night of her debut, she is terrified by a face in the audience - the scarred visage of Francis Cranmere, the husband she believed dead.
In desperation Marianne seeks someone to protect her from Francis' insane lust for revenge. But there is no one. Even Napoleon seems to slip away from her after his marriage to Marie-Louise of Austria.
So Marianne must once more venture into the unknown: to Italy and the magnificent villa of the Tuscan prince whose face no one has ever seen; a villa haunted by some strange, nameless evil...

Marianne and the Privateer  (Heinemann Ltd. 1972)

Marianne, now the Princess Sant'Anna following her strange Italian marriage, returns to Paris to find Napoleon settled in almost bourgeois comfort into his marriage with Maria Theresa and her old foe Fouché discredited and exiled from the Ministry of Police following a scandal. Then at a festive ball attended by all of imperial society she rediscovers, in the midst of soaring flames, her true love.
There follow seemingly unending struggles against all manner of foes - a time when men who love often prove more dangerous than those who hate. A malevolent plot threatens the one man to capture her heart - Jason Beaufort, he who seeks adventure in the four corners of the world. It is a well-concealed trap, all the more dangerous because it is intimately concerned with Napoleon himself. Bound by their love, but forced apart by the exigencies of life, Marianne and Jason find the means to defeat the forces unleashed against them. But when justice finally strikes, it threatens to destroy their love along with their enemies.
In the dazzling Paris of Napoleon's Empire at the height of his power, in the sleepy calm of the country estate where Talleyrand nurses his rheumatism, it the morning mists of country farms and the depths of Breton fogs, Marianne each day learns a little more of the hard facts of life.

Marianne and the Rebels (Heinemann Ltd. 1973)

As the city of Florence basks in afternoon sunlight, pleasurable anticipation stirs in the heart of beautiful Marianne d'Asselnat, Princess San'Anna. The trials and uncertainties of her eventual past life seem almost over, for she is soon to rejoin her beloved sea rover Jason Beaufort and enjoy with him a peaceful future in America. So she is not particularly dismayed when called upon to render a last vital service to her master, the Emperor Napoleon, whom once she had known as lover and still called friend. But, abruptly, an ominous shadow appears in her future, cast by the dark influence of her unseen husband, the mysterious masked Prince Corrado. The tricks of fate then force her to embark on a perilous odyssey which carries her from luxurious Venice, through Greek islands smoldering with revolt, to the court of the legendary Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.
Through all her adventures her spirit is sustained by her passionate love for Jason, yet always strange, dark forces seem intent on drawing him away from her...

Marianne and the Lords of the East (Heinemann Ltd. 1975)

Seated beneath the red silk canopy in the stern of the royal barge as it skims across the smooth waters of the Bosphorus, Marianna, now the Princess Sant' Anna, sets forth on her most perilous adventure. Her former lover, Napoleon Bonaparte, has sent her to seek out the legendary Sultana, the Queen Mother of the Ottoman Empire, who is French born and the Empress Josephine's cousin, and enlist her help in bringing Turkish help in France's still-secret forthcoming invasion of Russia.
In exotic Constantinople, Marianne is pulled deeper and deeper into political and emotional turmoils. For the mysterious masked Prince whom she had married but thought dead is very much alive. And her true love, the American Jason Beaufort, lies wounded and in peril of his life while his stalwart ship, The Sea Witch, is threatened with destruction.

Marianne and the Crown of Fire (Heinemann Ltd. 1975)

Guarding with her life the secret she carries to save Napoleon, Marianne braves the barren steppes and hostile natives of Russia to deliver her message to the Emperor, who was once her lover. She is accompanied by her lover from New Orleans, Jason Beaufort, who has abandoned the charred hulk of his ship in the harbor of Constantinople to travel with her. Just inside the Russian border, they save the life of a beautiful young gypsy named Shankhala and take her with them. Shankhala offers no gratitude but shows a burning desire for Jason. Failing to allure him, she turns her witchery against Marianne. The Moscow they reach has already fallen under siege, and its citizens' fear has turned perversely into self-immolation. When Jason is thrown in prison after a duel with the Cossack who several years earlier had ravished and branded Marianne, she is left alone amid the swarming mass of panicked humanity-or rather almost alone, as the gypsy witch embraces Marianne, then stabs her and leaves her to be trampled and swept away by the maddened throng.
Moscow is drowned in a sea of fire and Marianne nursed to health by angels in the forms of other French women trapped in this hostile country. Risking her life to see him, Marianne finds Napoleon suffering from strain and despair and eager to regain Marianne's devotion. Once she has delivered her message, Marianne's life again becomes a series of questions: Will she ever return to her homeland? Will she ever find the child who was separated from her? And her husband, where is he?

Anecdote :

Let me present to you a very rare photo of Juliette which dates back to 1971. We see Juliette on a day where she dedicated to a lucky reader  a copy of her new  book of the Marianne series
« Marianne,and the masked Prince ». Our Juliette was such splendid and beautiful woman.

Anecdote :

Juliette BENZONI mentions in MARIANNE AND THE PRIVATEER her first heroine :  Catherine de Montsalvy !

The fire of the ancient blood of Auvergne and the unrelenting tenacity of her English descent united in her to produce all the warlike qualities of those other women from whose line she came who had studded history with their loves, their passions and their vengeances. Agnès de Ventadour, who had turned Crusader to be revenged on a faithless lover, Catherine de Montsalvy who had risked death a hundred times, for the husband she loved. Isabelle de Montsalvy, her daughter, who had fought her way to happiness through the horrors of the Wars of the Roses. Lucrèce de Gadagne wielding a sword like a man to win back her castle of Tourneol. Sidonia d'Asslenat who had fought like a man yet loved like then women during the Fronde...


Juliette Benzoni presents to the Press in 1971 her new roman Marianne, Jason des quatre mers.

Anecdote :

extract : Marianne, the Bride of Selton Hall
Marianne (d'Asselnat) : I hate you! You cannot know at this point how I hate you!
Jason Beaufort : Hate me as much as it pleases you Lady Cranmere! Does it not
say, from the lips of a woman, it has the taste of love? In fact... why
not make sure?


extract of « Marianne, the bride of Selton Hall » Book 1
text translated by linda, webmaster

« Sire,
she said with a weary sigh, I know as well as you, perhaps even better, how your Minister of Police is vigilant and I have not whatsoever any intention to incriminate him. But one thing is certain: the man I saw was Francis Cranmere and no one else .»

Napoleon made an irritated gesture, but dominant at once, he sat down at the foot of the couch and asked Marianne with a tone strangely softened.

« How can you be sure? You told me yourself you did not know much of that man? »

« We do not forget the face of the one who destroyed both your life and your memories. And the man I saw had on his left cheek, a long gash that Lord Cranmere did not have on the morning of our wedding »

« In what way can that scar be a proof? »

In that it was me who had done it with the tip of my sword to force him to fight! Marianne said softly. I do not believe in a likeness that would reproduce an injury I am the only one to know. No, it was certainly him, and now I am in danger ! »

Napoleon laughed and with a gesture full of spontaneous affection, pulled Marianne into his arms.
« Now you are talking nonsense
! Mio dolce amor! How could you be in danger when you have my love? Am I not the Emperor? Do you not know my power? »

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 by William Heineman Ltd.

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Attention :
 two volumes of Marianne :
1. Marianne :
The Bride of Selton Hall
2. Marianne :
the eagle and the nightingale

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