Text by Linda
As many of you know, Frédérique is not only the webmistress of the official « Juliette Benzoni official site » she has become one of my closest friend. We were united at the beginning by our mutual « passion » for «Juliette Benzoni» now has grown a deep understanding and a wonderful  friendship. We may have both of us, our own websites - but in the course of the last few years, we have grown together! We complement each other in everything we do. We inspire each other and at times we can almost read each others mind! Out of fun I have said to JouJou - from my website to yours, excists now a «Gangway»! You come to me and bring me something, I come to you and give an advice or send you something!"

Juliette Benzoni when meeting us for the first time at Saint-Mandé 2009, saw at first glance that something expectional was going on, when those two « girls » entered her home. I shall never forget the look on her face, when she realized that we had only met the day before! We have become «les filles des grands chemins» her ambassadresses, her girls. Everything has started with Juliette Benzoni, everything that is happening is thanks to her! We adore her books, we adore her sense of humor, her extraordinarily wisdom. Her profound thankfulness towards all her faithful readers.

But enough of words and a bit of melancholy, let me introduce you to these pages, all concerning a splendid Spring-weekend at Reims - Saint-Mandé and Paris...

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