The man who was destined to play
his Highness Prince Aldo Morosini


Extract from the Genesis written by Juliette Benzoni in 1996

A idea for Television...

About fifteen years ago, a great and very talented famous actor of my friends, whose name I cannot give you, suggested to me the desire to write a story for television - preferably in several episodes - in which he could be the hero. He had only two wishes: modern times and, if possible, Venice. I admit it: the twentieth century didn't tempt me very much, my preferences focused rather on the Middle Ages in France or elsewhere.


But this great attraction of my future hero for modernism was easily explained: although he was a sportsman, he did not want to frequent those late ages again where only the horse was known as a means of travel, showing a clear preference for cars, the plane and the comfort that follows. Having then no idea, and therefore no argument to put forward, I agreed to his suggestion, all the more willingly since with Venice he offered my imagination a beautiful compensation...

Why we haven't been able to see this show (so far)

Back in Paris I wrote almost without breathing a thirty-page synopsis that I submitted to Claude BARMA. Unfortunately, this great television man was to die shortly afterwards and the project fell through. With the idea of making a book out of it, but, curiously enough and for the first time in my life, I couldn't get on with it. On reflection I came to think that I wasn't ready, that the story wasn't ripe. Too focused on the small screen.. so then I moved on while continuing, for fun, to work more or less on it in my spare time, which is not often.

On our second visit to Juliette in early 2010...

Frédérique mentioned to Juliette that she had on her website a page dedicated to Aldo Morosini where visitors could vote which actor they would choose to play Aldo Morosini  in a TV adaptation of the series !

Juliette was delighted to hear from us that her books about Aldo and his gang fascinated her devoted readers. It's not that she didn't know that the Aldo's adventures were very popular, but it was the first time she had been able to have such close contact with her fans through us! She loved listening and learning what her readers had to say about Prince Aldo, his friend  Adalbert Vidal-Pellicorne, his family in Venice or Paris... 

It was on that same day that she spoke about her dear friend, the famous actor and celebrated author Jean PIAT, Honorary member of the Comédie Française. THE ONE ACTOR everyone always remembers of incarnating on the small screen Robert d'Artois III in the excellent series Les Rois Maudits (Novel by Maurice Druon) For the younger generation, he was also the voice of Gandalf (French Cinéma) in the film The Lord of the Rings.

JEAN PIAT's career is long and successful. We could talk about him for hours without end but we have to stay focused on Aldo. I won't forget however to put a link to that great actors page on Wikipedia. here

We must admit that we were really excited to know now the name of the actor and we agreed without a shadow of a doubt that Jean Piat would have been absolutely The Perfect Choice to play his Highness Prince Aldo Morosini. Because after all, the  THE HUNCHBACK OF WARSAW (the first 4 books, (the material for the television adaptation) - was written with him in mind by Juliette Benzoni.

Why are we revealing the secret to the public today?

We have decided to keep you in confidence because we came into possession of an old article dating back to 1977 where this name had been revealed :

Citation :
..and Romancière, Juliette is at the moment not only writing a series for French television for JEAN PIAT, but also working on THE LURE OF THE FALCON... (Gerfaut des Brumes)...

Unfortunately, we will never have another Aldo Morosini adventure from dear Juliette. Just as we will not have her good wishes to pass on to you anymore - but we are sure that from where she is now, she is smiling and saying « what an excellent idea that you let my readers know finally where first came the idea for the Aldo Morosini saga » ...

Artwork by  Frédérique - text chosen by Linda, webmaster, 24 December 2016
NOTE: The secret was lifted for my 2016 Advent Calendar


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