The Adventures of Aldo Morosini
by Juliette Benzoni 1995 - 2016

The Aldo Morosini Adventures have not been translated into English
but I hope a Publisher is inspired by my tribute to our Venetian Prince

Le Boîteux de Varsovie
The Hunchback of Warsaw

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Synopsis : L'Étoile bleue 1994 /The Blue Star
Returning from captivity in 1918, Aldo Morosini, from ancient Venetian nobility, discovers that his mother has been murdered;
that in their palace on the Grand Canal, a historic gem, the Blue Star owned by his mother's family was stolen, and that there is no longer any hope of finding the woman he loves.

However, to avoid the insult to his mother's remains there will be no autopsy for the morbid curiosity of the newspapers. He does not notify the police and decides to find the thieving murderer himself.
Four years later, now an antiquarian, Morosini is invited to join a rather mysterious character : Simon Aronov, a famous collector  in European sale-rooms , although no-one has ever seen him.

It is in Warsaw, after a long journey through the cellars of the ghetto, that the lame and blind Aronov receives Morosini. A highly spiritual Jew, the Hunchback shows his guest a strange museum piece: The breastplate of the High Priest of the Temple of Jerusalem, a gold plate with twelve precious stones embedded, of which four are missing, stolen and scattered over the centuries. A tradition says that Israel will regain its ancestral land if the plate is returned intact.  One of the four missing stones is the sapphire stolen in Venice...

Interesting detail :

Quote in L'Etoile bleue :
Blessed will you be who will read the enigma, Stars above, stars below: Everything above will appear below. Blessed will you be you who will read the enigma. By Hermès Triségiste

(Heureux seras-tu toi qui liras l'éngime, Étoiles au-dessus, étoiles au-dessous: Tout ce qui est au-dessus apparaîtra au dessous. Heureux seras-tu toi qui liras l'éngime. Par Hermès Triségiste)

Interesting detail

The Countess Felicia Morosini (born: Orsini) is the great-aunt of Aldo Morosini
for more details see on the synopsis page of  Les loups de Lauzargues here


Synopsis : La Rose d'York 1995 /The Rose of York
Autumn 1922... A few months earlier, Prince Morosini - an expert in ancient jewels - was contacted by the mysterious Simon Aronov, nicknamed the "The Hunchback of Warsaw". He entrusted him with a dangerous mission: to find four precious stones stolen during the looting of the Temple of Jerusalem...

The tradition is that, together, they allow the children of Israel to return to their land. After discovering the "Blue Star", the Prince embarked for England where the "Rose of York", a fabulous diamond whose trace had been lost for several centuries. Thus begins a crazy race full of pitfalls.
From the sordid alleys of the East End to the sumptuous mansions of the aristocracy, many of them coveted the precious stone, and his opponents were ready to do anything to cross the Hunchback's plans.



Synopsis : L'Opale de Sissi 1996 /The Opal of Sissi
Autumn 1923. For the past few months, Aldo Morosini has had no desire to do anything...
But when Simon Aronov, the "the Hunchback of Warsaw" asked him to go to Vienna/Austria and to follow the footsteps of a young woman who owned "Sissi's Opal", he regained his enthusiasm. The Opal is said to be the third of the four stones stolen during a looting of the Temple of Jerusalem... However, tradition has it that, when combined, they allow the children of Israel to return to their land...

This new adventure takes the prince antiquarian to the heart of one of the most beautiful regions of Austria where the ghosts of Mayerling still roam and where elusive characters lurk, determined to stand in his way so that their dark designs may triumph... However, it is not part of their project that "Sissi's Opal" escapes them...



Synopsis : Le Rubis de Jeanne la Folle 1996 /The Ruby of Joan the Madwoman
A legend that is lost in the mists of time says that the people of Israel will only recover their native land and sovereign rights when the other sacred stones stolen during the looting of the Temple of Jerusalem have been returned to the pectoral of the High Priest on which they were set.
For this mission, Simon Aronov - "the Hunchback of Warsaw" - chose Aldo Morosini, the famous Venetian antiquarian prince. He has already found three of the precious jewels. But will he succeed in seizing the cabochon ruby of the Spanish queen Jeanne, nicknamed "the Madwoman", the most beautiful but also the most evil of the stones that art lovers and formidable gangsters also covet?

Interesting detail  in the journal BIBLIOTECA MAGAZINE 1996
Le Rubis de Jeanne la Folle
After having recovered the Blue Star, the Rose of York and Sissi's Opal, Prince Morosini sets off in search of Jeanne la Folle's Ruby.

Many thanks to my dear friend Anne Gallois (Juliette Benzoni's daughter) for this precious document. Linda, webmaster

Dedicated to...

L'Étoile bleue

La Rose d'York

Le rubis de Jeanne la Folle

To those I love.

In memory of Jean-François, my lost son.
I owe him the documentation for this book...
and so many happy years...

To Michel de Grèce who knows so well how to broaden horizons


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