The Adventures of Aldo Morosini
by Juliette Benzoni 1994 - 2016

The Aldo Morosini Adventures have so far not been translated into English, German or Italian - but I hope a Publisher is inspired by my tribute to our Venetian Prince. Linda, webmaster

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The following Adventures of Aldo Morosini... 2009 - 2016

Synopsis : Books 10 - 15

Dedication... in

La Chimère d'or des Borgia 2011

To the
Filles des Grands Chemins
Frédérique Aznag
Linda Compagnoni Walther
Claudia Compagnoni Gibb
Hélène Rouillé
who are so dear to me !
Juliette Benzoni




Synopsis : L'Anneau d'Atlantide 2009 /
The Ring of Atlandis

What is this ring that an old man beaten to death and stripped of his clothes confides to Aldo Morosini in a street in Venice at night' A few words in a last breath evoking Egypt. However, it could be a jewel from the legendary Atlantis....

While the police investigation leads nowhere, someone comes to claim the dead man, an Egyptian diplomat. But Morosini disliked the questions he asked and rejected him. And everything could stop there, if, at some point, he did not receive an invitation to go to Cairo to deal with a delicate matter with an ex-wife of King Fouad. He accepts all the more willingly as he is bored and hopes to meet his friend Vidal-Pellicorne there who is digging around the Nile. Everything will then get tangled up and even turn into a nightmare when blood flows about a legend: that of the Unknown Queen who would have ruled Egypt, then colony of Atlantis, at the time of the cataclysm when the mythical island is engulfed. His tomb would contain incredible treasures defended by a terrible curse that only the Ring can overcome...
Therefore, all blows are allowed !

Interesting detail

In this book
a message by the Author Juliette Benzoni « A detail for my readers »

The Ring of Atlantis, or the Atlantean Ring, still exists, I hope. Howard Carter, the discoverer of All-Ank-Amon's tomb, found it in the vicinity of Aswan in the tomb of a high priest named Jua. I kept the form of it but I allowed myself to change the material, in order to better start the novel. It belonged to a family in the 1970s whose name I do not believe I have the right to reveal.

Juliette Benzoni in Egypt - The Valley of the Kings
Photo with the author Juliette during hertrip to Egypt for her researches concerning the adventures of Aldo Morosini.

Personal anecdote :  The Tenth book...

When in October 2009, we were invited to meet Juliette Benzoni for the first time, we decided to buy her latest book at that time: L'Anneau d'Atlantide  and hoping the author would sign it for us.
We bought the book at the precise bookstore in Saint-Mandé where they had been very kind to give us Juliette Benzoni's address some months before (with the agreement of Anne, Juliette Benzoni's daughter). Proudly, we showed Juliette what we had just bought.  Juliette Benzoni called her daughter and said: "Look what the girls have done! And I wanted to offer them my latest book!" We were very touched by this gesture and it already gave us a glimpse of the warm and generous person  the famous Juliette Benzoni was!

Linda, webmaster


Synopsis : La Chimère d'or des Borgia 2011
The Borgia's Golden Chimera

While the Titanic is sinking and panic reigns on board, a beautiful young girl murders to steal the jewellery with incredible audacity, of an extremely rich passenger: the Marquise d'Anguisola, née Belmont. A chambermaid, Helen Adler, saw her leaving with her loot but was unable to find her... Nor when she returned to New York, thinking that the murderess may have been among the victims, she finally forgot about it.
Twenty years later, in Paris, the collection of Renaissance jewels by Van Tilden, a wealthy American who had just committed suicide in his castle in Touraine, was sold. Aldo Morosini brought to this sale a picturesque Texan customer, fabulously rich, in love with Lucrezia Torelli, a singer who claims to descend from the Borgias and wants him to find Cesare Borgia's golden Chimera , that has little chance to reappear because it belonged to the Marquise d'Anguisola and must rest somewhere at the bottom of the Atlantic.

However, the auction was interrupted at the request of John-Augustus Belmont: who offered two of the jewels of Mrs. d'Anguisola, his aunt. And the Chimera should have been there... The next day, Helen Adler, who became Pauline Belmont's maid and who recognized the murderer in a newspaper, was was murdered. This is the first of a dramatic adventure, but others will come that could bring Morosini to his death....


Interesting detail :  

The dedication to « Les Filles des grands chemins »
I confess that the feeling is heavenly to hold in your hand, a book offered to you by a favourite author and what is more when it comes to Juliette Benzoni - and that this book is dedicated to your own name. I admit one cannot read it like any other book it is very special. I know that my two friends and my daughter with whom I share this same honour, felt the same.
I have fallen under the spell of Aldo Morosini like million of other readers. The fact that the hero's wife Lisa is from my country has added to the fascination, yet I adore all characters. I will always be thankful that I received the honour to be forever associated with the author with this most extraordinary honour. Just like in the English editions of Catherine: One love is enough editions (Telos Publishing)



La Chimère d'or des Borgia 2011

To the Filles des Grands Chemins
Frédérique Aznag
Linda Compagnoni Walther
Claudia Compagnoni Gibb
Hélène Rouillé
who are so dear to me !
Juliette Benzoni

The Borgia's Sanguinean Chimera - by Vincent Meylan (Point de Vue)

Vincent Meylan, is a well-known journalist and royalty specialist who has studied the lives of monarchs over the past fifteen years. Chronicler for POINT de VUE in Paris. He has written more than a hundred articles on jewels and royal families and is the author of two royal biographies, one on Queen Elizabeth II and the other on Empress Farah of Iran. He was a very good friend of Juliette Benzoni and signed his book
Bijoux des Reines with these words:
"To Juliette Benzoni (Aunt Juliette) who knows how to tell the stories of precious stones so well. To Aldo Morosini, whose new story we await..."



Synopsis : La Collection Kledermann 2012
The Kledermann Collection

While the castle of the Croix-Haute finished burning, an ambulance preceded by two motorcyclists from the gendarmerie rushed into the night towards the hospital in Tours. A surgical team is already waiting for Aldo Morosini with a serious head injury. By his side, his friend Adalbert tries to keep hope while dreading Aldo's return to clear awareness: before collapsing, hit by a murderous bullet, didn't Aldo see Lisa, his wife, rushing into the arms of a stranger and running away with him? Adalbert was then far from imagining what trials awaited his friend...

Synopsis by Juliette Benzoni for her Publisher Editions PLON

Grand livre du mois 2012

Article in: Point de Vue (le club l'Actualité Littéraire 2012)

With Juliette Benzoni, fantasy is in power, and imagination goes hand in hand with history. Around 1930, in a castle near Chinon, the Venetian prince Aldo Morosini took a bullet in the head and owed his salvation only to the skill of a young surgeon. On his hospital bed, an image haunts him: just before the shooting, he saw his wife fleeing with a stranger... Thus begins an ingenious plot, which will lead us to Switzerland and raise many questions.
What happened to Aldo's stepfather's fabulous jewelry collection, Kledermann? What is the fatal role played by a Borgia descendant? And will our friend Aldo, recovered from his wound, succeed in winning back his wife's love? A highly enigmatic thriller coupled with a comedy with chiseled dialogues!

Review : The Jewels of the Borgia - by Vincent Meylan (Point de Vue)

interesting extract of a Review in : Point de Vue :
Vincent Meylan
(..) The problem with Juliette Benzoni is that we want to know the end so much that we spend the night reading it...
a Benzoni in excellent shape. And, which is rare, the second volume of the Saga is even better than the first.



Synopsis : Le Talisman du Téméraire 1. « Les Trois Frères » 2013
The Talisman of Charles the Bold

On March 2, 1476, Charles the Bold, the all-powerful Duke of Burgundy, was forced by the Swiss to abandon his camp and the fabulous riches it contained at Grandson (Switzerland). A treasure whose most important jewel is perhaps its pearl-covered parade hat, whose "fermail" at the top is composed of exceptional stones on a row of pearls: three rubies called "The three brothers" and a large triangular bluish diamond called "The great Diamond of Burgundy".
This fermail that he will never see again, he considers it as his talisman. He died in front of Nancy on January 5, 1477... Five centuries later, the four stones could work to ruin the life of Aldo Morisini and his "gang". All it takes is a visit to his notary and a drama in the Saint-Augustin church in Paris...


Review :  by Vincent Meylan (Point de Vue) The robbery of the diamonds of the Dukes of Burgundy.
extract  from Vincent Meylan's review:
An amusing detail, we find in this book some characters we met a long time ago in other books by Lady Benzoni. This is the case of *Nicolas de Monforte, Count of Campobasso, one of the Italian rectors who betrayed the Bold. A traitor as we love them, unscrupulous, cruel and fearsome.

* The Count of Campobasso was the lover of Fiora Beltrami in Juliette Benzon's Saga: La Florentine
Linda, webmaster

 ... and on Aldo Morosini Facebook page:
Vincent Meylan : I think this is one of the best. So well tied up. Very excellent Benzoni.


The book club
l'Actualité Littéraire ( Point de Vue ) mentions Le Talisman du Téméraire
Ruby on the finger
Prince Aldo Morosini, Venetian antique dealer, on the trail of the jewels of history...

extract :

Like her master Alexandre Dumas, Juliette Benzoni has inherited an extraordinary gift, she can cook the story in any way she wants, and the result is always delicious.


1477 : the death of Charles the Bold as seen from the point of you of Juliette Benzoni.
source Le

♦ text translated by my friend Frédérique ♦


Synopsis : Le Talisman du Téméraire 2. « Le Diamant de Bourgogne » 2014
The Diamond of Burgundy

Synopsis by Publisher PLON for the Media
A enormous thank you to Gregory Berthier (
Éditions PLON) to share this preview with me before the book was published.

After "The Three Brothers", Aldo Morosini's adventures continue in search of Marie-Angéline, "Rubies" and the "Diamant of Burgundy" of Charles the Bold.
From disappearances to discoveries, from lies to revelations, from Franche-Comté to Paris to Switzerland, Charles le Téméraire's treasure never ceases to lead Aldo Morosini and his "gang" into a mad adventure.
After having succeeded in locating the rubies known as "The Three Brothers", it is in pursuit of a large blue diamond, "The Diamond of Burgundy", that our hero embarks out. But Aldo Morosini must first of all find Marie-Angéline who fled by stealing the ruby he was keeping precious...

... and this is the Tapuscript from the first page of Le Diamant de Bourgogne. It was the Author who gave me this teaser written on her personal typewriter - I will treasure it forever.

Review : by Vincent Meylan in Point de Vue:

The treasure of Burgundy

extract of the Review: 
A secret society perpetuating the memories of the Order of the Golden Fleece and its last great Burgundian master, Charles the Bold, meets in the so-called chapel of a convent in Franche-Comté.
...In this second volume devoted to the survival of the Burgundy treasure stones, Juliette Benzoni's two heroes go in search of Marie-Angéline de Plan-Crépin... Vincent Meylan:
 «... a very good Benzoni »

Review in L'âctu Littéraire Le Talisman du Téméraire, Novel 2 -   2014

The object of all passion? A gemstone in bright blue.

* there is a small mistake in the Club's article - it has been 20 years and not 30 years since Aldo Morosini's story was first published. Webmaster Linda

A most thrilling Adventure

Thirty years ago, Juliette Benzoni had the idea of combining her passion for history and her taste for crime novels in the tradition of Agatha Christie. For her, the best common point between these two literary genres was the precious stones - symbols of magnificence from different eras, capable of arousing mortal lust. Here is dong the fourteenth volume of the adventures of the Venetian prince Aldo Morosini, as comfortable in the meanders of the past as in the labyrinth of criminal brains.

Her usual lieutenants are faithful to the appointment, starting with the inexhaustible Egyptologist Vidal-Pellicorne. The action takes place in the 15th century, a period marked by the duel to death between Louis Xi and Duke Charles the Bold. As for the jewels, there are four of them: three rubies, the mythical "Three Brothers", and a huge bluish pyramid-shaped stone, the "Burgundy Diamond". For the rest, you know the song: exquisite corpses, kidnapped women, dark machinations and humour to consume without moderation.
text translated by webmaster


Synopsis : Le Vol du Sancy - Des Carats pour Ava ? 28/1 2016
The Theft of the "Sancy"

Accused of stealing the Sancy, the famous diamond of the jewels of the Crown of France, Aldo Morosini will live the most dangerous adventure of his life...
Because she pulled him out of a bad spot, without even realizing it, Morosini, delighted, promised the unbearable Ava Astor that he would find her a diamond "even if he had to steal it from the Tower of London" ! He was joking naturally, but it was not surprising that Ava is as silly as she is mean....
Shortly afterwards, he saw Ava disembark in Venice: she came to claim the famous Sancy from him, which had just been stolen from Lord Astor. Since, of course, he did not have it, she accused him of wanting to keep it to himself and denounced him... Even more incredible, Lord Astor claimed to have received that same night Aldo, whom he had never seen, and that he had stolen the Sancy from him...
Unable to accept such a situation, and the scandal growing, Aldo flanked by Adalbert left for London to set the truth straight...

photos ©Linda Compagnoni (Le Sancy at the Musée du Louvre)


The first page of Juliette's last typewritten text...the first lines of the Vol du Sancy.
Thank you dear Greg (
Greg Berthier-Saudrais, Deputy Editorial Director at Editions Plon) for sharing this exceptional document with my website.

l'Actualité Littéraire  Le Vol du Sancy - Des Carats pour Ava ?

Synopsis : Le Vol du Sancy - Des Carats pour Ava ?
The Theft of the "Sancy"

Prince Aldo Morosini is an old acquaintance of ours. This international expert in precious stones is curing a stubborn cold in his Venetian palace when he receives incredible news: the Sancy, a fabulous fifty-five-carat diamond that was once used to finance Swiss troops for  good King Henry IV, has been stolen in an English castle. Worse still, Aldo was staying nearby at the time of the robbery, and the criminal pretended to be him! Without hesitation, he sets off in search of the diamond and the impostor in the company of his most faithful accomplice, the Egyptologist Adalbert Vidal-Pellicorne.

But soon, the two friends disappear without leaving the slightest trace. To find Aldo, Madame de Sommieres and Marie-Angeline du Plan-Crepin drag into their devilish saraband a part of the European Gotha, a few lords, a maharajah, and even Queen Elizabeth. An adventure novel that begins in the mists of the Venetian lagoon and ends in the mists of the Thames! Juliette Benzoni combines art and history in one,   detective story, police intrigue and dry wit.



Important detail for the faithful readers of the Aldo Morosini Adventures.  « Le vol du Sancy, des carats pour Ava »

Her last opus, "Le vol du Sancy, des carats pour Ava", released on January 28 2016, was scheduled for two volumes. Finally tired at the age of 94 years, she had rewritten the last three pages to conclude the story in Volume 1, confirmed Grégory Berthier, her publisher at PLON.

The complete Adventures of Aldo Morosini in two Volumes

In November 2016, it was the moment to buy the complete adventures of Juliette Benzoni's favourite hero. A great moment for fans but also for those who were tempted to read the adventures but couldn't find all the books or didn't know the order of the 15 books!


Saint-Mandé November 2016
Many thanks to Anne Gallois, Juliette Benzoni's daughter  for letting us take this photo at her home before the Integrale was officially in the bookstores.

Venetian prince and antique dealer, Aldo Morosini leads us in the search for the most beautiful precious stones in the world. Diamond, ruby, emerald, opal or pearl, each of his investigations opens with the theft of a historical jewel that the jewel expert will tirelessly try to find, sometimes at the risk of his life...

Suspense, murder, betrayal, betrayal, twists and turns and love punctuate the adventures of Aldo and his "gang" composed of the archaeologist Adalbert Vidal-Pellicorne, "his more than brother", Marie-Angéline du Plan-Crépin, his cousin, and the Marquise de Sommières, his great-aunt.

l'Actualité Littéraire * Aldo Morosini : The Integrale 2016

Les Enquètes d'Aldo Morosini - Volumes 1 & 2 Juliette Benzoni

For the first time, a two-volume edition presents the complete Investigations of Aldo Morosini, the famous Venetian prince and gemstone expert. Fifteen novels are brought together, combining suspense, love, secrets and betrayals. Juliette Benzoni, who died in February 2016 at the age of ninety-five, is truly considered the queen of French historical fiction. Its success has not been limited to just the French, since there are no less than fifty million readers in over twenty countries! Also, immersing yourself in the integrity of one of its flagship series simply offers delicious moments...

The last book by Juliette Benzoni 2016

The new Covers of Le Vol du Sancy by France Loisirs, POCKET & Libra Diffusio  


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La Chimère d'or des Borgia 2011

To the Filles des Grands Chemins
Frédérique Aznag
Linda Compagnoni Walther
Claudia Compagnoni Gibb
Hélène Rouillé

who are so dear to me !
Juliette Benzoni


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