The Adventures of Aldo Morosini
by Juliette Benzoni 1994 - 2016


The Aldo Morosini Adventures have so far not been translated into English, German or Italian - but I hope a Publisher is inspired by my tribute to our Venetian Prince. Linda, webmaster


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The next Adventures of Aldo Morosini 1999 - 2007

: Books 5 - 9

Dedicated to...

Les Emeraudes du Prophète

La Perle de L'Empereur

Les Joyaux de la Sorcière

Les Larmes de Marie-Antoinette

Le Collier sacré de Montezuma

to my daughter Anne my first and precious reader

to Vincent Meylan
who introduced me to the Regent. With great thanks and affection...

to Yagel et Patrick de Bourgues. With a loving twinkle in the eye.

to Evelyne et Patrick Rebeyrol my dear Versaillais..

to Alied-Béatrice du Bois Van der Poele
My dear Belgian friend who has dedicated  her life to to the culture and distraction of her compatriots.




Synopsis : Les Emeraudes du Prophète 1999 /The Emeralds of the Prophet

If Aldo Morosini - Venetian prince and international jewellery expert - thinks he's done with the adventures, he's wrong. One evening, in Jerusalem, where he is continuing his honeymoon with his young wife Lisa, a adolescent brings him a letter from a synagogue dignitary who asks him for a few moments of discreet conversation.

In the heart of David's ancient city, he encounters Abner Goldberg. The latter tells him that the High Priest of the Temple carried two similar emeralds in a silk bag, the "sacred spells". Legend has it that Jehovah himself gave them to the prophet Elijah, and that they ensure the power of clairvoyance and prophecy. Goldberg wants Morosini to search for these stones that have disappeared from the sack of Jerusalem.

Morosini refuses: he wants to devote himself solely to his young wife and his own affairs. Goldberg lets him go, but when Aldo gets to the hotel, Lisa's missing. A letter informs him of the blackmail: that he has to find the emeralds without warning any authority, if not, Lisa's life is at stake. All that remains for Morosini to do now is to accept the mission. The quest he undertakes obliges him to trace the history of emeralds, which have left bloody traces everywhere. From Jerusalem to Istanbul, Dijon, Prague, Romania, Germany and Ticino, Morosini goes from discovery to surprise, amidst the most unpredictable dangers and traps.


Interesting detail : 

Review of Jean-Baptiste Michel, l'Express
« The Emeralds of the Prophet cross borders and travel back in time at full speed. Served by an imaginary galloping.... From one saga to another, Juliette Benzoni's work continues the tradition of Eugène Sue. A happy author like his characters »


Synopsis : La Perle de L'Empereur 2002 /The Emperor's Pearl

The "Regent", a huge pearl topped with diamonds, was bought by Napoleon I for Marie-Louise, his second wife. One day, in 1887, the jewel left for Russia. Then, after having trimmed the Youssoupoff princesses, the pearl disappeared.

When the pearl reappeared in the late 1920s, it was during a kidnapping and murder. Prince Aldo Morosini, the Venetian antiquarian expert in historical jewels, has a hard task: to obey the legitimate owner, he must sell it. But a curious character who calls himself Napoleon VI decided to take it without paying and without worrying about the means used. The sale of the "Regent" triggered a tragedy and Morosini will have a lot of trouble getting rid of the pearl.

He finds himself forced to stake his life and happiness, through a fight in which strange women appear such as Mary Rasputin or Masha the Gypsy, and disturbing men such as a fabulously rich Maharajah who, under too attractive exterior, hides a sadistic cruelty...


Interesting detail : Juliette Benzoni Acknowledgements in La Perle de l'Empereur :
In addition to guides, journals, biographies and other travel reports that I have been given the opportunity to consult, I would like to offer a special token of gratitude to the memory of two missing writers whom I have allowed myself to display :
Prince Félix Youssoupoff whose remarkable Memoirs have been of great help to me.
Novelist and theater author Francis de Croisset, whose travel books to Ceylon and India enchanted my adolescence. In particular La Féerier cinghalaise and especially here, We have made a beautiful journey, charming and incredibly evocative anchors that under an apparent lightness raise many problems...

  To both of them : Thank you JB 

Interesting detail

November 2016

The readers of Aldo's adventures and his gang written by Juliette Benzoni, know that the well known journalist and author, Monsieur Vincent Meylan, was a close friend of our beloved author. Juliette had dedicated to him the sixth adventure of Aldo Morosini
« The Pearl of the Emperor » :

« To Vincent Meylan, who introduced me to the "Regent». With many thanks and affection. JB

Today I would like to share with you Vincent Meylan's new book: « Christie's: The Jewellery Archives Revealed »

This beautiful book was written to celebrate the 250th anniversary of CHRISTIE'S, the world-renowned auction company specialising in precious stones and very high jewellery. We are particularly fascinated by one of the chapters of the book:

« The Regent – The Most beautiful Pearl in the World » 
I am convinced that Juliette would have been the first to recommend it to you and she would have loved to read and flip through it.
Linda, webmaster


Synopsis : Les Joyaux de la sorcière 2004 /The Jewels of the Witch

Why did the Baroness of Ostel, in having her portrait painted by the great Boldini, ask him to adorn it with jewels that she had never owned? And to what afterthought did the painter obey in fulfilling such an unusual desire? Where do the earrings and the fabulous cross he reproduced after seeing them twice in tragic circumstances come from?

It is the succession of enigmas that Aldo Morosini, the Venetian prince expert in historical stones, will have to solve in order to help a poor young woman married to an despicable character.

In search of the jewellery that he soon discovers belonging to Bianca Capello, Morosini, on the trail of a sadistic assassin, crossed the Atlantic aboard the most prestigious liner of the time, the Ile-de-France, the quintessence of the decorative arts. He will meet useful people there, because this is the first time he has gone on a treasure hunt alone. Well... almost!


Synopsis : Les « Larmes de Marie-Antoinette » 2006 /The tears of Marie-Antoinette

In the gardens of the Château de Versailles, the opening of the exhibition "Magic of a Queen", dedicated to Marie-Antoinette, gathers aristocrats and collectors. Among the guests, Aldo Morosini, Venetian prince and antique dealer, attracts all eyes. But the sumptuous reception is shattered by a strange crime: a man collapses, a black velvet carnival wolf planted in the back with the help of a dagger....

Does the disappearance of one of the jewels on display, a diamond teardrop, explain this murder? Why is the assassin signing his crimes with "The Queen's Avenger" ? Sensing that Queen Marie-Antoinette's tragic fate still haunts the walls of Versailles, Morosini decides to conduct the investigation. But, as the mystery deepens, the victims continue to fall, as if sacrificed to the memory of a queen who unleashed passions...


Review by Vincent Meylan - Point de Vue

« For the eighth time, Juliette Benzoni has resurrected her favourite hero, Aldo Morosini, Venetian prince, specialist in antique jewellery, detective at his time and patended seducer. (...) Serial assassinations, exhumation of corpses and haunted houses, all the ingredients of sadism dear to Dame Juliette are gathered here. Enough to make you spend a few sleepless nights of happiness. » 


Synopsis : Le collier sacré de Montezuma 2007 / The sacred Necklace of Montezuma

Tenochtitlan - Mexico 1521, the Aztec Empire collapses. The last emperor Cuauhtemoc tortured revealed to Cortés, the conquistador, where the fabulous treasure is hidden. It was Montezuma's most precious treasure, the pledge of all happiness, once brought to the Aztec emperors by Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, the unknown God who came from beyond the Western Ocean. Sublime emeralds that have disappeared in the mists of time...

When they reappear in Paris and in the 20th century, it is on the occasion of the wedding of Gilles Vauxbrun, the great antiquarian of Place Vendôme and close friend of Aldo Morosini who will be his best man. The bride is a young Mexican woman from a large family and of rare beauty. However, the marriage suddenly turns into a nightmare, the fiancé disappears as well as the famous emeralds, forcing Morosini and his "almost brother" the Egyptologist Vidal-Pellicorne to embark on an adventure all the more worrying because it is difficult to know where the danger comes from. It is then that a race against time begins to save the great Parisian antique dealer.


Interesting detail 1  

For those who want to know more
... Note at the end of the book by
Juliette Benzoni

Cortés emeralds are not the result of my imagination. I only took the liberty of changing the shape of one of them for poetic reasons, just as I changed the name of the young wife of the last Aztec emperor.
These magnificent stones sank in the Bay of Algiers on the night of 24 October 1541, with the galley carrying the conquistador and his sons. They were rescued but lost their belongings, including the famous emeralds. Who knows if, with our modern means of investigation, they will not surface again one day or the other !

Acknowledgments  by Juliette Benzoni

To H.R.H. Prince Michael of Greece whose masterful book The Empress of Farewell provided me with precious details.

   To Vincent Meylan for Queen's Jewelry.

   To Patrick de Bourgues for his vital support.

   To all those who have contributed to this book.

   A very huge thank you !

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