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We know from Juliette Benzoni's books about the dashing Venetian prince, expert on historic  precious stones, that whenever Aldo Morosini visits Zürich, Switzerland, (where his father-in-law resides on the Goldenküste) he will go to Paradeplatz and enter the prominent Confiserie  Sprüngli to stock up with a large quantity of that proudly cherished delicious specialty, for his family, beautiful wife Lisa, delightful aunt Amélie, Marquise de Sommičres and her companion Marie-Angéline du Plan-Crépin and himself. 

As all the passionate readers of the adventures of his Excellency Prince Aldo Morosini, (a world-renowned antiquarian dealer) know: our hero loves chocolates! Not just any chocolates - oh no - he loves Swiss chocolates from the Confiserie-Sprüngli
- whom he calls repetitive the best chocolate in the world!

On my very first invitation to Saint-Mandé in 2009 with my friend Frédérique and my daughter Claudia, we reflected with what we could surprise our favorite Author and her daughter Anne. I decided that as being from Switzerland we would bring with us a lovely box from Sprüngli and Frédérique being from Reims, a sparkling bottle of Champagne and the delicious Rose biscuits from Fossier!

The adorable Juliette loved the Rose Biscuits and she adored Sprüngli's chocolates! Splendid... without knowing it, we had chosen the perfect souvenir!

My article would now be finished, if I had not started to read last year the adventures of Juliette's favorite hero Aldo Morosini from Venice! Besides that I fell in love with her smart adventurous hero, I was more and more amused to learn that our dearest friend Juliette, had her passion for that heavenly chocolate (of course as a good Swiss it is also my favourite), embedded in the Morosini adventures! Each time I reached a page where my hero Aldo enters Sprüngli, I chuckled to myself being very much amused - and thus the daring idea entered my head...! What if I called the Confiserie Sprüngli and told them about the famous Romancičre Juliette Benzoni? The beloved author of million of readers and her hero's passion for their exquisite chocolates? What if I suggested to them, how immense the joy would be of Juliette Benzoni, if she received from Sprüngli a delicious little surprise? (I said to myself - did not Juliette since 1994 - 2012 do some kind of free publicity for that famous brand?)

Guet... (well...) as we say in Swiss-German, let's pretend I am Mina Van Zelden or Angélina - would they be afraid to enter that famous Confiserie and ask to talk to the Manager to explain my unusual request ? But of course not (and by the way, I love impossible missions

I will not bore you of my first visit to the beautiful boutique Sprüngli, holding in my hand a copy of one of the Aldo Morosini books - trying in vain to sell my idea to a female employee! I was treated very courteously - and out I was of the Confiserie with a business card, advising me to send my request by mail! 

I went home and started to write my email, almost a short novel to explain my request - sending a scan of an entry of one of the chocolate texts from the Morosini adventures - my personal dedication in La chimčre d'or des Borgias plus using all my charm to seduce whoever was responsible, to send our Juliette a box of chocolates of their choice !
No sooner said than done - off my mail went - to wait for the impossible! 

And... the miracle happened - or let us say... after a few detours ☺ ! I received a phone call from the director's secretary of the CEO of Sprüngli, a charming lady, who confirmed to me that "why certainly would they send Madame Benzoni" a « Birthday surprise » from the celebrated Confiserie!

On 30 October 2012 while we were guests at Saint-Mandé, to celebrate Juliette's 92nd birthday, a smiling Juliette looked at me and said: "Linda, do you know anything about this", pointing to a small table and showing us the beautiful exclusive chocolate box of the Confiserie Sprüngli ! But not enough, reading to us the card with the birthday wishes of the director of Sprüngli!

That alone was already sensational in my eyes, but that Frau Howald had seen to it that our Aldo Morosini's name was also on the birthday card, left me speechless and very moved! What a happy-ending. ☺

p.s 1.I end my report with one last anecdote, Frau Howald outed herself as a reader of Juliette Benzoni's books!

2. Confiserie Sprüngli is a Swiss luxury confectionary manufacturer founded in 1836. Not to be confused with Lindt & Sprüngli !

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