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Jean PIAT, the man who was destined to play His Highness Prince Aldo Morosini
Why Jean Piat? I invite you to read what our Juliet said about it

My vision of Princess Felicia Morosini, the great-aunt of Prince Aldo
(Image of an unknown beauty by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805 - 1865)

The marvelous Maggie Smith would be our choice for  « Marquise Amélie de Sommières »
Artwork by Frédérique

The brilliant French actress Sylvie Testud could be the perfect
Marie-Angeline du Plan-Crépin
Artwork by Frédérique

The magnificent Artwork of Hélène Rouillé and her vision of Aldo Morosini
Extract from the book L'étoile bleue - how the author described Aldo

Extract of the book « La Rose d'York »
The beautiful Artwork by  Evelyne Diggelmann-Walther for the Catherine site

Extract of the book  « Le Talisman du Téméraire » 1. Les trois Frères
(Artwork for the Catherine Advent calendar in 2016 (Linda, webmaster)

Extract of the book  « La Perle de l'Empereur » Dialogue between Adalbert & Aldo
The wonderful Artwork of  Frédérique for the Catherine Advent calendar in 2015

Extract of the book « Le Talisman du Téméraire »
who introduced a very charming new character :
« Professor Lothaire Vaudrez-Chaumard » (by Linda)

The excellent Banner for Aldo Morosini's Facebook page
Artwork by  Frédérique - see
here for more details

A big thank you to Evelyne, Frédérique and Hélène for sharing their beautiful Artwork with my Catherine de Montsalvy site.

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