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info - dédication pour les filles des grands chemins - dans La chimère d'Or des Borgia

My dear friend Juliette dedicated
in 2011 La Chimère d'Or des Borgia to:
Frédérique - Claudia, Hélène and
myself Linda, webmaster

André Rieu  :
Plaisir d'amour

© 2008 - 2018 Linda Compagnoni Walther


info - texte pour les amis dans tout le monde

My dear friends of the Catherine website.
as I have said many a time, I love all your messages, guest book entries and comments. Which one to choose? Which one to upload? These four, I think will make you smile like me. I shall add a new one whenever I get the permission from the visitor who sent it.


Linda, your webmaster


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