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photo Linda (Mistral) and Hélène at Juliette in Saint-Mandé

photo - création d'Hélène
extract from :
Snare for Catherine 6

Laurent Le Doyen


A beautiful surprise featuring "Laurent Le Doyen)"do not miss the exhibition on the blog  of my dear friend Frédérique.  My sincere admiration for this show goes to my dear Hélène (who surprises us from time to time with awesome creations) and my dear friend Romy, whom I met at the very first meeting of "Le Gerfaut". My dear friends, you are fantastic!

Danny Brillant - come prima

© 2008 - 2018 Linda

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Laurent Le Doyen - in his role of  Gilles de Tournemine 
here for more details

Thank you dear Hélène for this wonderful creation ☺


thank you very much dear Hélène

20th Anniversary  of the Aldo Morosini books -
Juliette Benzoni's Bestseller (15 adventures)

A superb surprise awaited me! A creation sent to me by my dear friend Hélène, who from time to time presents my site with beautiful Artwork. Hélène called it The Black Diamond - we see our adorable Claudine Ancelot in her role as Catherine and a reproduction of the Black Diamond, created by a breton jeweller, plus a precious mediveal dress, both a present from our mutual friend Romy (president of the fan club Laurent Le Doyen - Le Gerfaut)  to Hélène. I am delighted that they share this with us. Receive my thanks dear friends.


Quote from the  book: les loups de Lauzarques

Quote from the book : Les Treize Vents


 thanks my dear Hélène

a unbelievable gift to all of us

Hélène's contribuition to the Advent calendar 2010 - 2011

Claudine Ancelot

Claudine Ancelot
PM Escourrou
Jean Marais

Claudine Ancelot

Claudine Ancelot
PM Escourrou

Claudine Ancelot
PM Escourrou

Gérard Chambre
(Jason Beaufort)