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Claudine ANCELOT

When I had the idea to create the CDM AWARD it never crossed one moment my mind, that one day I would have the chance to give exactly this AWARD to the beautiful woman who had incarnated our Catherine de Montsalvy. I am talking about none other than Claudine Ancelot, whom I had the exceptional honor to meet the very first time on 6 January 2011 together with my dear friend Frédérique.

From the moment we met Claudine, an invisble bond was woven between us and we are very happy that we became dear friends with Claudine/Catherine. I invite those of you to read my report from that meeting. How Claudine had already hidden in her rucksack that incredible treasure of photos, which she trustingly gave to us on that afternoon, almost to the day a year ago! I shall never forget her words: "Here they are,  it is all I have" and I trust it to you! "
Marvellous and splendid photos from the shooting of Catherine given to us by our adorable Claudine.
There is also Claudine's beautiful letter to us! Her message to her fans which still adore her like so many years ago. Something which touches her deeply.

 Catherine, il suffit d'un amour
in her role as
the beautiful Catherine de Montsalvy
Le Gerfaut
 (The Lure of the Falcon)
in her role as
the Countess de la Motte

When we met again in May, her beautiful smile when she told us she had something for us for our future meeting! As we know now, it was the large photo of her as Catherine. It is the scene where the famous painter Jean Van Eyck is just finishing her portrait for Duke Philippe of Burgundy.

We were given this time also photos from her splendid theater career. Absolutely never seen photos online or everywhere! I like again to say my truly heartfelt thank you to Claudine for such a wonderful treasure. Her Catherine portrait is for the moment hanging on the wall in my little office in Switzerland. It reminds me every day of a beautiful dream come true...

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