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Website dedicated to Juliette Benzoni

Welcome to the official Catherine de Montsalvy website. This site has been created in 2008 and was approved by the late Juliette Benzoni in 2009.
It offers besides the Catherine Bestseller  everything about the most successful TV series
Catherine, il suffit d'un amour (1986) Marianne - Le Gerfaut - La Florentine directed by Dame Marion Sarraut.

There is also a large section about the 86 books Juliette Benzoni had written between 1962 - 2016
With Juliette Benzoni’s death in 2016, it is even more important to maintain her legacy.

O T  T O  B E  M I S S E D  P A G E S...

June 12 2019

Update on our Facebook page Les amis/friends of Juliette Benzoni (closed group)
by Stephen James Walker (Telos Publishing)

Yes, we definitely plan to publish the fifth and sixth books later this year. Then, barring unforeseen problems, book seven in 2020!
Linda, webmaster


The adventures of Aldo Morosini

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Quote of the Moment
Juliette Benzoni

Extract of an article 1963
« This woman of letters, had every reason to smile : she had accomplished a still unknown exploit in the literary annals. Indeed her first Novel, « Il suffit d’un amour… » was bought by nine foreign publishing houses even before its release in bookstores. ».


Welcome to my site with the voice of
Juliette Benzoni 


I hereby confirm that most of these rare over 50 year old articles and photos on this website, dedicated to Juliette Benzoni, belonged to the author herself. Be that newspaper articles or photos. She trusted me with her material to do whatever I thought was best. For more details click here:

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