Welcome to the only official Catherine, One Love is Enough Website - with the gracious approval of Juliette Benzoni and her daughter Anne Gallois *** today February 7, we think of Juliette Benzoni who left us a year ago ❤ ...do not miss the new page about the time the Catherine TV-Series won their only prize...with some never seen photos.... Telos Publishing announced that the next two Catherine books will this year be re-issued... stay tuned...


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image - photo de Marion Sarraut  - Réalisatrice
My extra pages conerning
 Dame Marion Sarraut

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Marion Sarraut and the Stars of the four TV-Series.
Marianne - Catherine Le Geraut and La Florentine.
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photo of Juliette Benzoni in her garden at Saint-Mandé
My pages dedicated to
my very dear friend Juliette

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The Blog of Frédérique
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 The 15 books of Prince Aldo Morosini,
by Juliette Benzoni
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I deeply regret to announce that on February 7,2017  Juliette Benzoni has passed away. I would like to present you my Tribute pages to that outstanding author and remarkable woman. 
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 Dear Visitors

Welcome to the only official Catherine de Montsalvy Website. This site has been created in 2008 and officially approved by the late Juliette Benzoni and now her daughter Anne Gallois since 2009.
It offers besides the Catherine Bestseller also everything about the most successful TV series
Catherine, il suffit d'un amour (1986) Marianne - Le Gerfaut - La Florentine directed by Dame Marion Sarraut. There is also a large section about the 86 books my dearest friend Juliette Benzoni had written between 1962 - 2016.

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Le Prix du Tastevin 1985
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I am thrilled to announce that the New Year 2017 has begun with great news for the English readers of the Catherine books!

Telos Publishing announced on their Facebook page on January 2 2017:

News from Telos Publishing :

For historical romance fans, in a couple of months' time we will be publishing a further two titles in our series of reissues of the late, great Juliette Benzoni's classic "Catherine" series.

I am in contact since 2014 with the managers of Telos Publishing (click here for more details) I shall keep you informed about the publishing date and as soon as I get the okay I shall present you the new book covers for the next two Catherine books !

Linda Compagnoni Walther

  The latest News... 

The Catherine Series won the prix du Tastevin in 1985 !
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For those who like to read more details about Juliette and her books - follow the link to my French website

uvre magnifique
de Juliette Benzoni → ICI
Les 86 livres depuis 1962

The Queen is dead
February 7 2016

Vincent Meylan, acclaimed journalist and historian 
As some may know who follow us on Facebook, the well-known French journalist, historian and writer Vincent Meylan, of such books as « Queen's jewels » had been a close friend of Juliette Benzoni.
He had written us on Facebook such lovely messages, that I believe they deserve to be also here on my tribute to Juliette. Judge for yourself...!

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 Quote of the Moment

Juliette Benzoni:

Extract of an Interview 1978
Your heroes have a long breath. For example, when you go for a sixth or seventh book in a series, do you get yourself lost in the labyrinth of their lifes?

J.B: I must admit that sometimes I have problems! For example, I am writing the seventh volume of Catherine's life and I had to offer myself the reading of the first six, because I did not remember anymore what I had wriiten...

The Catherine Series
 re-published after more than fifty years !
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CHRISTIE'S : The Jewellery Archives revealed. 
Vincent Meylan
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Sir Hugh Kennedy
by Jean Brittain
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Lions and Lilies
by Catherine A. Wilson & Catherine T.
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Slideshow Advent Calendar 2016
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