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June 5 2009
after beginners mistakes - we decided to re-do our whole website which consisted already of over 100 pages! On June 5, we were able to present you our old/new Catherine de Montsalvy fansite and almost everything went well - ALMOST. I would like to express my thank you to Anita in Germany, without her help and her fantastic Forum, I believe that our first try of a website, would have "crashed" one day without doubt.


In October 2009
the Catherine de Montsalvy fansite changed the look on her frontpage. It had been my idea right from the beginning, to launch my website also in French! But... how to achieve that goal when Mistral does surely understand French, but is no expert in writing? The magic word was "Frédérique" my dear friend from France, webmistress of the http://bibliojbenzoni.unblog.fr/
to know more of that moment see Highlighs of the year 2010


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