( born in 1390 )

Jean-François Bayonne
La Hire

Coat of arms of La Hire


Was a French military commander during the Hundred Years' War. He fought alongside Joan of Arc in the campaigns of 1429. His most significant action was to lead the vanguard in the important victory at Patay.

He entered (1418) the service of the dauphin (later King Charles VII) when the English army invaded France. Three years later, in 1421 he fought at the Battle of Baugé.

Robert Barriot's work of
Jeanne d'Arc, Friar Jean Pasquerel and La Hire

He was a close comrade of Joan of Arc, and as the King's captain he commanded the advance guard at the Battle of Patay, a French victory. He was imprisoned in Dourdan in the spring of 1431. He won the Battle of Gerbevoy.

He was at the battle of Baugé (1421). La Hire was with Dunois, when they reinforced Montargis with 1,600 troops, forcing Warwick to break off his siege. La Hire seized Le Mans, but Talbot retook the town later. La Hire, with Jean de Dunois and Jean Poton de Xaintrailles, reinforced Orléans early in the siege and remained active in the army of the Loire campaign in 1429 until the coronation of Charles VII.


Battle of Patay

Xaintrailles & La Hire

Jean de Xaintrailles & La Hire

In late 1436, La Hire and Xaintrailles appeared in front of Rouen with 1,000 troops, but the citizens would not admit them. The French retired to a little town of Ris, where they were later driven out by Talbot.

For a time La Hire ravaged N France at the head of a marauding band of soldiers, but in 1437 he resumed the fight against the English.

La Hire was made captain general of Normandy in 1438 by Charles VII. He was later captured by the Burgundians and ransomed by the French king. La Hire became ill at Montauban during one of the early reconquest campaigns of the southwest.


He died at Montauban on 11 January, 1443, of an unknown illness.


place La Hire et Xaintrailles
Gerberoy, France


In popular culture

La Hire is commemorated as the face of the Jack of Hearts in French playing cards.
 His name remains a byword for a choleric disposition.



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