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1974 - 1985

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about the work of Juliette Benzoni


Article in the magazine JOURS DE FRANCE . We see Juliette holding a German Blanvalet edition of "Zwei Rosen die Eine" in her hands. While on her lap there is the fifth book of "Catherine, et le temps d'aimer. I have translated this very special article with the best of my abilities
Article translated into English by
Linda, webmaster

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L'histoire en question 1983
Alain Decaux talks about his next emission to his secretary.

Another newspaper clip, found in Juliette Benzoni's article collection. Apart of the problem spoken in this article, it is most interesting for the Juliette Benzoni fan, the mentioning of two of her series on television: "Marianne une étoille pour Napoleon" and "Catherine, il suffit d'un amour".

Critique by Janine Brillet and Georges Hilleret.

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Juliette Benzoni's own article on 1983, Dans le lit des Rois kindly borrowed to Frédérique, on one of our visits to our favorite author.  A small anecdote, told by Juliette herself: on the day of this interview, the journalist wanted to picture her in her bed to illustrate his article !

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In "Confidences" February 1982, we find another article written by Juliette Benzoni. Here the superb mistress of history, talks about the "The Wedding of Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg in 1982. Why did I choose that article? I confess, out of sentimental reasons. The grandmother of Princess Marie-Astrid, was Queen Astrid of Belgium who died at a tragic car accident (1936), in Switzerland. As a child, whenever we passed with the car on Küssnacht am Rigi,"Lake Vierwaldstättersee" (at that time, a narrow winding road!) my heart went out to that beautiful young Queen, who died so tragically.

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Love and History 1978
interview by Cécile Barthélemy

article translated by Frédérique and Linda

A wonderful article found by my friend Frédérique. We agreed, this is one of the most personal and best interviews we ever read so far! We learn so much about the way Juliette Benzoni is going about on writing a new book! For those of you, who enjoy reading the article also in English (I know personaly that there are many French visitors who love doing that!☺my friend and I have translated the splendid article by Cécile Barthélémy. I confirm it was not easy, but we have so much enjoyed this, thinking of the millions of readers of Juliette, who do not speak or understand French! This is also the moment to repeat, that we are no English teachers or have a diploma! We do this out of passion for the cause - for Juliette Benzoni and her fans...

p.s when this article was first published, the seventh book of Catherine was not yet published and I could not resist adding that in the otherwise original article we translated! (linda)

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Alexandre Dumas Trophy 1974
Juliette Benzoni has yet again opened one of her numerous albums for us. Thanks to her generosity I can present some newspaper article's, showing Juliette Benzoni, founder of the Alexandre Dumas Trophy in 1974. She is also the president of that foundation. Juliette Benzoni was supported by the much acclaimed French historian Alain Decaux. One of the celebrities to win this Trophy, (a sword for each winner) were amongst others: Jean Marais, François Chaumette, Philippe Clay and Michel Creton.


the Jury

Juliette Benzoni - Jean Piat

Alain Decaux - Jean Piat

Jean Marais
Juliette Benzoni

François Chaumette

Jean Marais
(Balsamo + Monte Christo)

Philippe Clay

Michel Creton



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