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Authentic material 1983

Article Marianne part 1 - Marion Sarraut   Article Marianne part 2 - Marion Sarraut

what Dame Marion had to say about MARIANNE

amazing photo with the crew of MARIANNE

Article written by Juliette Benzoni
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what our Juliette had to say of working
together with her dear friend Marion

text by linda,webmaster- June 16 2011

I would like to thank Gérard Chambre
, who had played one of the leading roles in Marianne - that of Jason Beaufort. The material, so precious to the fans of the Benzoni/Sarraut family, is in his possesion and he kindly gave me his permission to use it not only for his own website but also for the Catherine website! Merci beaucoup cher Gérard...

Faithful visitors of the Catherine de Montsalvy website, I must not introduce Marianne, une étoile pour Napoléon By my very first visit to Juliette Benzoni, she re-told the story of how devastated she had been, when her first bestseller Catherine  had been made into a movie in 1968. "I cried like a fountain for over two hours, were her words to us!"

We can imagine how reluctant
Juliette Benzoni must have been at first, when she heard that Antenne 2 in 1982 decided that the time was ripe, to bring Juliette Benzoni's books on television!
Old articles tell us, that Marion Sarraut and Juliette Benzoni had a great understanding between themselves, right from the beginning. While we cannot always believe what is written in newspapers I can now confirm that it was more than the truth!!

With great joy I like to share with all of you the article Juliette Benzoni has written back in 1983, while Marianne was presented to the Press! Also in the booklet was another gem, that of the director of the TV-series, our ingenious Marion Sarraut. In her own words, we learn how everything started on the project Marianne on television - how they elected the beautiful Corinne Touzet as the heroine Marianne d'Asselnat and all the other fantastic stars of that unforgettable marvelous story.

I have the express authorization of Marion Sarraut, Juliette Benzoni and Gérard Chambre to upload these long forgotten documents.

To my dearest friends Marion, Juliette and Gérard,
thank you so much for your generosity towards  the fan base of the Benzoni - Sarraut family
in the name of all your fans Linda  ♥ ♥ ♥

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