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welcome message by Juliette Benzoni contributed to this website


Original material concerning the Catherine books

I hereby confirm that most of these rare over 50 year old articles and photos you see on all Press pages  and all over this website concerning Juliette Benzoni, belonged to the author Juliette herself. Be that newspaper articles or photos. She trusted me with her material to do whatever I thought was best. No infringement is intented. All information and material on this site are not for sale nor are services being paid for.

I am very thankful to my dear friends Frédérique, Marion Sarraut (director), Claudine Ancelot (actress who played Catherine), Gérard Chambre (actor who played Xaintrailles and Jason Beaufort) and our dear Juliette Benzoni 30.10.1920 - 7.2.2016 for sharing many of their original material with me. Juliette knew where my heart lies and surprised me on my first meeting at her home, with the original Catherine book cover of Il suffit d'un amour from 1963 ! To be precisely, Juliette took the cover out of a frame and told me I could keep it ! It is since then in a silver frame in my home. 
I have also been more than touched by an exclusive gift from Marion Sarraut, director of the four television series. She contributed to this site her personal Revue de Presse Review (created by her sister Brigitte Sarraut  Press relation officer of the Catherine series) - with more than 186 pages (A4 format) rare never seen original newspaper clippings, photos concerning the Catherine television series. She told me a few months after her close friend Juliette Benzoni passed away "It is my tribute to my adorable friend Juliette.


1962 the Catherine novels were first printed in France-Soir and other French newspapers. The manuscript fell unfortunately victim to a fire in the house of the author, consisted of over 1000 pages. But I have in my possession the original summary of the first two Catherine novels written by Juliette Benzoni and send to Editions Trévise.

Opéra Mundi decided to  publish 2 books. The first novel was called "Il suffit d'un amour I" and the conclusion "Il suffit d'un amour II". Editions Trévise added later the name Catherine to "ll suffit d'u amour or "Les Montsalvys" to the novels. The foreign publishing houses chose various titles for the Catherine series. Please see the International bookcover pages for that

Due to the phenomenal success of the story, Juliette was asked to continue the story of Catherine and her world. Therefore followed in 1966 Belle Catherine Catherine des grands chemins. Catherine et le temps d'aimer, the fifth book in the series ended with an Epiloque. Yet again the author was asked to write two more stories: 1973 Piège pour Catherine and 1979 " La Dame de Montsalvy";  more information about why that book was only printed in 1979 see the page La Dame de Montsalvy.

Some countries like Norway  only printed the first two books - Italy only five,  (I suppose that the contact broke for some reason with Heinemann the English publisher, likewise Avon-books from the USA, did not translate the last in the series. Telos publishing bought the rights in 2014 from Juliette and will in the near future print for the first time ever the seventh "forgotten" book.

There had been a lot of work involved with the research to discover decades later who published the Catherine novels. Without the help of many visitors who actually scanned their covers and sent them via email to me, the list would not be so outstanding and we might never have known how many countries had published the Catherine series. Alas, there exists (not to my knowledge) a list on Google books to support what I claim here. If it does someday, we can assume they took the information from this website or that of my friend Frédérique, whom I call the Columbus discoverer of book covers.

However, in the 1979 French edition of Catherine, La Dame de Montsalvy, Trévise enclosed 18 names of  countries who translated the Juliette Benzoni novels. On the list is also Portugal, but we never found a book cover, Yet Portugal translated at that time two of the Marianne novels..

One word to Jugoslavia who became in 1991 indepented; they printed  one version for Serbo-Croatia and one for Slovenia. Each of these countries, (I am no expert with these languages, it had been explained to me that there is a difference between the written languages) published in later years Catherine on their own with new translators and book covers.

The missing countries on that list are to this day: Brasil 1973, Bulgaria 1994, Iceland 1967, Iran 2004, Lithuania 2004, Poland 1993, Russia 1993, Serbia, 2016, Slovakia 1972 & 1990, Slovenia 1970, Ukrania 1993.  If we subtract from the Editions Trévise list Portugal and Yugoslavia and add the above new countries, we come to the conclusion that the Catherine series was translated in at least 26 languages - and published in over 31 countries !


The original hardcover editions of Catherine in Great Britain
Book 7 La Dame de Montsalvy not translated into English !


Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6



Il suffit d'un amour in France Soir 196
a rare Souvenir


TELE 7 JOURS publicity of Juliette Benzoni's first novel Il suffit d'un amour (One love is enough) which was published in France-Soir each day as we can see on this exclusive document.
It was in Juliette Benzoni's personal Souvenir box and shared with this webmaster here. It is so far the earliest advertisement which dates back to the time the Novel was published as Cliffhanger in the French newspaper France-Soir and not even available in the book stores.


Editions Trévise October 1963
Juliette Benzoni signs the first time the Catherine books


It is a great moment to share with you a magnificent souvenir the magic box of Juliette Benzoni, author of "Catherine, One Love is Enough ". The material had been believed destroyed in a fire at Saint-Mandé many years ago ! It is an article (now translated into English) which should make every fan of the Catherine Series go wild. We see Juliette (7 days before her 43rd birthday !) signing at Opéra Mundi the first time a Catherine book - precisely the French edition of "Il suffit d'un amour ! It pleases me enormously that we have now the proof to read that Juliette's CATHERINE was indeed sold to at least ten foreign publishing houses, before the book could be bought at bookstores !

1963 Text translated from French by Linda
This woman of letters, who signs at her press office, has every reason to smile : she has just accomplished a still unknown exploit in the literary annals. Indeed her first Novel, « Il suffit d’un amour… » was bought by nine foreign publishing houses even before its release in bookstores.
This is about the Countess Juliette Benzoni di Conza, wife of a senior officer of the French Army. A month ago she wrote the word « The end » at the bottom of a manuscript of 1,100 pages recounting the adventures of a girl of the people during the Hundred Years War.
She carried the story to Editions de Trévise, who accepted it straightaway and communicated it immediately to nine foreign Publishers. (Holland, England, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Turkey). The latter, enthusiastic, cabled their agreement at once.
Short notice : Mrs. Juliette Benzoni di Conza is not an unknown to our readers. She is the author of the historical evocation « Les Reines tragiques » , which L'Aurore is currently publishing as an illustrated serial.

Photo showing Juliette Benzoni signing the first time CATHERINE at Opera Mundi

Juliette Benzoni at the office of Publishing house Editions Trévise in 1963.
On the left side of Juliette we recognize Paul Winkler
(He founded together with Gérald Gauthier in 1957 Éditons Trévise).


Editions Trévise 1962
In Juliette's 2nd book
« Aventuriers du Passé »
Éditons Trévise announces Il suffit d'un amour !


Some time ago I bought « Aventuriers du Passé » Juliette Benzoni’s second book in 1963. When I opened it I held my breath for a second.

What is so special about buying an old book you might ask? Everything for a passionate collector like I am – because it mentions that next, a book called Il suffit d’un amour shall be published! I count myself more than happy to have now in my “magic box” the first announcement of Catherine by the French publisher Editions Trévise – who already knew the value of the story, it was published in the special Stendhal edition. The artist was well-known Belgian Jef de Wulf.
Note: on one of my visit to Saint-Mandé, my dearest friend Juliette has been very kind to sign this souvenir for me.


Der Spiegel 1963

Verlag Blanvalet 1963


I stumbled upon this Der Spiegel edition of 1963 which featured a long article about Anne Golon and her success with the "Angélique" novels. The final paragraph caught my attention because it introduced a certain French newcomer called Juliette Benzoni and her book Eine Liebe ist genug (translation: One Love is Enough).  In the new Angélique novel was a gift coupon. Every reader who sent back this coupon would receive Anne Golon's autograph and  an extract from Eine Liebe ist genug !

This shows us how well aware Mister Blanvalet was of the worth of this new writer called Juliette Benzoni... the German magazine Der Spiegel has always been highly-renowned! As I have already mentioned on the Book series pages the German publisher designed beautiful book covers for the Catherine Series (which pleased very much Juliette Benzoni as she told us) which I have the great pleasure to own myself.

By the way, the German first edition of Cathérine was simply called:  Cathérine, not, Eine Liebe ist genug, as was announced in the Spiegel article. 
Not very pleasant detail: The first two Catherine books were joined into one edition and abridged...!

Verlag Blanvalet 1963
Extract from Cathérine

The fairies were with me, after many years I found  that free first chapter of Catherine which was sent to Angélique readers by Blanvalet Verlag in 1964.
The quality of the booklet is awesome. I suppose it was in a box and never touched again since 1963 - waiting for me
What makes it even more precious,  Juliette has done me the great honour and wrote a very lovely dedication in that booklet.



The books of the week
Il suffit d'un amour II

Article by Henri de Montfort on 10 July 1964


Excellent article by the late Henri de Montfort Journalist, historian, author, French Resistance worker and co-founder of  ici Paris. on 10 July 1964

I have translated the first section from Monsieur de Montfort's article about Juliette Benzoni's  « Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour » which was published in two parts after it appeared in FRANCE SOIR  as a Cliffhanger.

« This is a very enthralling novel of which one can say that it deserves well the term "Romanesque" which is the best guarantee to keep a reader spellbound with pleasure and emotion during reading. Worth mentioning are the excellent treasury of words and of style »





Extract from a French article in 1964
translated by Linda Compagnoni Walther

Undoubtedly, the success of Juliette Benzoni's great historical novel Catherine, which is now available in book form, of which the readers of the « Provençal » have at present the exclusivity to read, does not stop increasing. Translated into several languages, published in nine European countries (Scandinavia was enthusiastic about the adventures of Catherine and Arnaud de Montsalvy), the thrilling and heroic love story will now be the delight of British readers.
The great London publisher William Heinemann has just celebrated during a brilliant cocktail party, in the presence of author Juliette Benzoni, the release of the novel, which received in its English translation the title of « One love is enough ».
We can reveal to our readers that… if One love is enough; it is  not enough for one book to exhaust all the dramas and all the enjoyments.

London August 1964 :
Juliette Benzoni, Countess di Conza with a copy of ONE LOVE IS ENOUGH in London. The small article to be seen on this Poster (created by Linda Compagnoni Walther) was in the EVENING STANDARD on 13 August 1964 . It tells us of the great care taken by publisher Heinemann to get an excellent cover for Juliette's first ever published book in Great Britain.

Juliette Benzoni was accompanied by Gérald Gauthier, General Secretary of the Press Agency of Opéra Mundi. On the below photo we see the author interviewed by well-known BBC man Leigh Crutchley.

On the left side is a Scottish article from the newspaper the "Scotsman" dated 14 August 1964. Indeed a precious souvenir...



Le Provençal 10 June 1964
Il suffit d'un amour



Original newspaper clipping - translated by webmaster

... and what had the newspapers to say back on 10 June 1964 when Juliette Benzoni's second book "Il suffit d'un amour II" came out ?
" A heroine - who takes place - alongside of "Scarlett O'Hara" and of "The Marquise of the Angels " (Angélique)
The quality of the newspaper has suffered in the last 53 years, taken in account that it lay hidden in a box in a cellar at Saint-Mandé, but that is wha
t makes it even more precious to a souvenir collector like me. Thank you Juliette for sharing your material with us.



Tammi Publishing


The bestseller list of Finland in 1964 - sent to Opera Mundi the publishing house of Editions Trévise



Blanvalet Verlag 

Original Telegram by BLANVALET

Telegram sent 1964 to Gérald GAUTHIER Opéra Mundi by Blanvalet publisher:

Until today ten days after the delivery of the books - 15'000 copies Benzoni, Cathérine sold...
stop ...
We prepare already reprint for being definitely ready to deliver for Christmas... stop... the great German daily newspaper «Die WELT» has chosen CATHERINE twice in a full-page advertisement amongst 50 out of 23'000  new publication this year,  and chosen our edition once again from 15 titles to reproduce in LARGE... stop...other advertising are being prepared.

Best Regards your BLANVALET

book covers Germany



With Juliette Benzoni di Conza tvisiting the Barrio Gótico

« In Britain, in one day 10'000 copies were sold (1964) »


From left to right: Spanish editor Jaime Aymà Mayol, the author: Juliette Benzoni di Conza, Senõra de Miserachs, the conservator of the Museum Ciudad, Professor Maria Garrut Romà.

riginal Spanish article in 1965 - translated from Spanish to English, by Linda Compagnoni

With Juliette Benzoni di Conza to visit the Barrio Gótico
The French novelist, Countess Juliette Benzoni di Conza has spent a few hours in Barcelona.
I have had a huge fortune to discover all this.

"All this" was the double Barcelona festival of San Jorge, first, and the Day of the Book, later. She barely moved from the Gothic Quarter during all the time - cortisimo - that lasted her stay between us and even chose the hotel more closely to the cathedral. In addition, for lunch, her Barcelona companions accompanied her to the restaurant of the College of Architects, for the most expansive and breath-taking viewpoint over the old quarter of the city.

Do not miss my admiration for everything antique, she declares - it deeply smells of history. My specialty are the historical novels. Her Barcelona editor, Jaime Aymà Mayol, nods.

Juliette Benzoni di Conza, born in Paris and married to a colonel of the French Army, born in Corsica and even related to the Napoleons, dedicates herself to the historical novels like many excellent cultivators in France. In her first book, she explained to us the tragic destiny of queens: Balkis, Ildico, Eleonore of Aquitaine, Ingeborg of Denmark, Inés de Merania, Draga, Queen of Serbia, Christine of Sweden, and her erudition did not allow her to leave out Blanche de Bourbon, Queen of Castile, or Joan, the mad Queen of Spain.

Her latest work Basta con amor (translation: One love is enough) also runs in a historical setting, in the middle of the Hundred Years' War. The success has been so resounding that shortly after the original French edition was published; it has been translated into nine languages.

In Britain, in one day 10 000 copies were sold.

―But nowhere in the world do I see buying books for so many people ... "Do they give them away?"

As the Countess Benzoni is a very intelligent woman - perhaps one of the most intelligent writers who have passed through our country - it does not cost much to convince her that nothing is given here, much less books and, alas! This incessant parade of buyers only happens once a year, but we do not come to disillusion her at all, because St. George kept a chain of surprises.

Her friends made her visit the palace of the Diputación. The author of "One Love is enough ..." did show her amazement. Laying on the railing of the Gothic gallery, she saw in the courtyard the market of roses. An official of the house handed her a magnificent rose.

Thank you. I owe you a book. I will send it to you as soon as I get to Paris.

She was attracted by another of the graces of our old quarter: the church of San Severo, where candles burned, perfumed by the flowers. It was agreed. Juliette Benzoni was perplexed by the unexpected splendour. "The end of a romantic novel," someone said to her. „Oh no! Replied the lady. In any case, the beginning. »

The visit began in the excavations of the King's Square, guided by a subtle expert and a spiritual commentator; José Maria Garrut Romà, the director of the Museum of History of the City, and finished in the Tides Museum.

Worn-out? If I were here tomorrow, I would make the same visit again. Nevertheless, tomorrow I will be in my house in Vincennes, preparing my screenplays for TV or studying my historical characters.

What is your next character? The constable of Castile, Don Alvaro de Luna, arbiter of the kingdom and favourite of John II. - ... which did not stop him from dying on the scaffold.

She smiles. She knows this story like so many others. We asked her if within the literary genre she cultivates any maestro.

Yes; Alexandre Dumas. Moreover, I still believe that his masterpiece is « The Three Musketeers »

To our question: Which is the best novelist of France? She answers:

Balzac. He is still an example of how to do things to make it go well.

We said goodbye. Her friends here put into her hands something that she will like very much: the Venus of Barcelona.



 Catherine og hertugen
(original title in English : Catherine)

 original Norwegian Journal 1965

In this original newspaper extract from summer 1965, the headline said :

« Three summer books with suspense and intensive love »

It says of Juliette Benzoni, author with a University degree in history and medieval expert. We see the same early portrait, as in the Italian book covers. It so happens to be, showing her the very first time signing her Catherine books !  I adore the Norwegian word «Parispiken » (Parisian girl ! )



Het hunkerend hart
Catherine en de gebroeders de Montsalvy
(original title in English : One Love is Enough)


 Original Book cover from 1965

I always try to stay neutral and not comment on any covers of Catherine, but just this once I like to say the first cover of the Swedish Catherine books is a very beautiful image of Catherine Legoix. The Artist of the four original book covers is called EVE.

On the back side of the book Juliette is introduced as : Juliette Benzoni di Conza and it says that her book about Catherine Legoix, was in the international Press compared with the irresistible Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind !


Il suffit d'un amour... Tome II
(original title in English : Catherine)

The Return of Garin

original French newspaper clipping 1965
A souvenir of Juliette Benzoni




Unbezwingliche Catherine
(Belle Catherine) 

German Article in 1965 about the publishing of Unbezwingliche Catherine in Germany.



Belle Catherine

Original TELEGRAM from William Heinemann Ltd. to Juliette Benzoni !

On March 15, 2017 Telos Publishing had continued to re-issue The Catherine novels with BELLE CATHERINE, the 3rd in the Catherine Series.

With this creation we look back to the year 1966 when HEINEMANN Ltd. sent Juliette BENZONI a telegram to her home at Saint-Mandé, to inform the author that the translation of Belle Catherine was having a huge success in the English speaking world !

This original telegram is one of those precious souvenirs found in the long-forgotten-magic-box of Juliette Benzoni... it was not just the French or English publishers who rejoiced for the number of books they sold ---- stay tuned to learn what other Countries confirmed about the incredible sales figures !



Belle Catherine

Original flyer from William Heinemann Ltd.,

Published by William Heinemann Ltd.,  First UK Edition 1966. London 1966. First UK edition hard back binding in publisher s original French blue paper covered boards, gilt title and author lettering to the spine.  Publisher s flyer regarding the book and Author.

I am thrilled to announce that I stumbled by chance on this rare treasure ! My very first announcement of a Catherine book in England by the company William Heinemann. 


Catherine, des Grands Chemins
(Catherine and Arnaud


The above Newspaper - clipping is very special for me !

My sister had spotted on Ebay a rare occasion to bid for an autograph of our Juliette Benzoni. In Spring 2009 I had no idea that I would, six months later get the marvellous chance to meet in person my favourite author Juliette.

Evelyne is the specialist for bidding, and was able to get hold of
the photograph. When I received the letter from France, with the signature of JulietteBenzoni - I saw to my astonishment that, not only did we have this famous photo which we had seen so often on the book covers - no - with the photo came an old yellowish newspaper clip! Great was my delight to find out that I had in my hands a rare piece of document.

As some of us remember - way back in the Sixties - newspapers used to print popular books as "roman-feuilleton" - that is - everyday you read a short piece of a story - which was continued day after day. I assume that the person who sold the autograph, had read in the newspaper back in February 1967 ( see above on the second image on the bottom)
« You can receive a free photo, dedicated by Juliette Benzoni, if you write to Editions de Trévise, 34 rue de Trévise, Paris »

So I put two and two together and figured out, that the owner of the photo did exactly that - when the fourth book of the Catherine-series Catherine  and Arnaud had been first published .


(One Love is enough)


Original advertising in an Icelandic newspaper I found on the Net some time ago. I still hope that one day I shall find the cover of the first Icelandic Catherine Book in colour.



1968 Editions Trévise
Catherine  et le Temps d'Aimer
Catherine and a time to love

Voting card from 1968

In one of the first editons of the original French books of Catherine, I found in book 5 Catherine and the time to love a voting card! There was the question to the readers at that time - who should play in a future movie CATHERINE !

Now the fascinating question: Was
Olga Georges-Picot in 1968 chosen by the "Catherine" readers or the filmakers?


La fuga di Catherine
(Belle Catherine)


Italian book cover of « La fuga di Catherine » Publisher Garzanti added on a second printing a preview for the movie Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour in 1969 - the film alas - flopped at the cinema - read more on our meeting with Juliette in Saint-Mandé 2010 what the reason was and why our author cried « like a waterfall» when she saw the film.


Catherine og Arnaud
(Catherine and Arnaud)

Original advertising in a Icelandic newspaper



What you see above, are two pages of book six "A Snare for Catherine" that magazine had printed as a cliffhanger in 1974.
I love their slogan: to be continued... which is acutally also my motto, everthing concerned Juliette Benzoni.

Please have also a good look at the image of Catherine on the large magazine cover. This image Juliette Benzoni had not seen before until we showed it to her on one of our visits. She is convinced that the painter is the same one as of her favorite book cover of the 1968 edition « Catherine, il suffit d'un amour ».

August 2014
In 1986 the Weekly journal Le Livre Magazine, printed an abridged version of Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour 1 & 2..
Interesting fact: in the TV-series we do not see a smiling Catherine and Arnaud in that scène (Catherine learns Arnaud is a leper) so we can assume this is a studio photo !

Merci to our friend Stéphanie for sharing this Number 1 booklet with us. I like to mention that it was Stéphanie, who had been 2003 the very first person in France to dedicate a website to Juliette Benzoni !

In 2009 my friend Frédérique found this booklet and was sure I would love to have it for my Catherine collection. Merci Frédérique for  this special treat ♥


For us Catherine fans, this is a very exciting document. During the shooting of Marianne, the director Marion Sarraut, was already in search of a young beautiful girl between  18 - 25  to play CATHERINE in the upcoming TV-Series Catherine, il suffit d'un amour.   




Dear friends of the Catherine books,

What you see on the above image, is Catherine de Montsalvy. It was painted for Juliette Benzoni by the same artist who did some of the covers for the French Catherine Editions Trévise (and for the Angélique books of Anne Golon !)

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