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Original articles concerning the launching of the TV-Series


For years one by one I collect all the article's about the books and the filming of the Catherine de Montsalvy TV-Series.
It is a great challenge for me since the TV-Series was not shown on Swiss Television back in 1986 !It is really a pity, since I am known for being the great collector ! Be it an article about Grace Kelly, Farah Diba, Jacqueline Onassis or even the moon landing!
I am very thankful to Frédérique to my dear personal friends
Claudine Ancelot, Gérard Chambre and to our very dear Juliette, knowing where my heart lies and making me a gift of the Catherine articles or material. I am deeply touched and with great joy I share it with all of you...

Of course there excist still more articles from the debut of the Catherine shooting! Unfortunately a fire destroyed a lot of material at Juliette's house a few years ago! But who knows... maybe there are some of you faithful readers out there who would love to share them with my official Catherine de Montsalvy website - the only website besides Frédérique's Blog acknowledged by Juliette Benzoni and her daughter Anne Gallois.

Linda, webmaster
to be continued...




in her role as



Catherine, One Love is Enough


Original material of the launching of the TV series
CATHERINE, il suffit d'un amour 

Precious gift from Gérard Chambre, (Jean de Xaintrailles) offered to me, the fan of Catherine, thank you so much cher Gérard .

Linda, webmaster  2010





Enjoy my very first original article about the launching of the  Catherine de Montsalvy TV-Series.
This treasure was given to me in person on my first meeting in October 2009 with  Juliette Benzoni. I like to say again merci beaucoup with all my heart for letting me keep this rare article!



March 19 1986


Original article of the launching of the TV series CATHERINE, il suffit d'un amour - a precious gift from Frédérique,  thank you very much my dear.


On our first meeting with Claudine in 2011 she was so kind to sign the copy of these article. A few years later in 2016 Dame Marion has done me the same great joy and signed the article also. I had alas missed the chance to ask Juliette to sign this great article also.
A little ancdote : Frédérique has the same article signed by Claudine and Juliette !


The four original articles  of Claudine Ancelot



a precious gift from Claudine Ancelot !
given to Linda and Frédérique on our meeting
6 January 2011


special note

the photos we see below of Arnaud de Montsalvy (PM Escourrou) and Catherine (Claudine Ancelot) was part of some photos for the press. So far we have seen 3 of these beautiful images.






I would like to express my sincerest thank you, to Claudine Ancelot whom I had the very great pleasure to meet together with Frédérique on 6.1.2011, to share her very private article's on the series of "Catherine" Thank you so much ma chère Claudine, for your generosity and the trust you show towards us.  see you soon again "les filles des grands chemins"!





Another original newspaper article of Claudine Ancelot, talking about her role in Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour and her private life after Catherine.
Once more a huge embrace to Frédérique who knew how much I wished to have this article in my collection. ♥


March 15, 1986
      France 2  13:30 1986



Dearest Dame Marion, I cannot express how happy I am to present this TV-Guide image of Pierre-Marie Escourrou and Claudine Ancelot. A truly rare document, the day Catherine premiered on French television.

 Linda, May 2016


 TV-Guide announcing each day Catherine...






Thank you very much to BDFF for these images from old TV-Guides
c'est très gentil cher Alain Linda, webmaster

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