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June 12 2019

Update on our Facebook page
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Stephen James Walker (Telos Publishing)

Yes, we definitely plan to publish the fifth and sixth books later this year. Then, barring unforeseen problems, book seven in 2020!

April 15 2019

Great news to share with you. Telos Publishing has informed me that at the end of this year they will re-issue the next two Catherine books : Catherine: A time for love and "A Trap for Catherine"

The following year in Autumn 2020,  Manager Stephen James Walker of Telos Publishing told me that we shall after precisely 40 years finally be able to read the last seventh book of the Catherine series - THE LADY OF MONTSALVY... it will be also the year the beloved author Juliette Benzoni would have celebrated her 100th birthday.

For more information either see Telos Publishing website,  my Website or one of the Juliette Benzoni Catherine Facebook pages which are moderated by me.

I cannot wait to write soon : TASK accomplished...
As I wrote on my introduction page it has always been my main goal to see the day the last of the Catherine Novels La Dame de Montsalvy shall be translated into English, so the faithful readers will finally know what happened to Catherine and if indeed Arnaud de Montsalvy died as we had to assume in the sixth Novel A trap for Catherine...

your webmaster, Linda


June 30, 2017

The Beatles fans have reason to rejoice celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the fabulous album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (All you need is love, When I'am sixty-four) we Catherine fans have also reason to be delighted as we can look forward of the re-issuing of the fourth in the Catherine Series - now called: Catherine,her great Journey, 50 years after it was first published in 1967 ! Thank you so much Telos Publishing for informing me today of that great news.


BREAKING NEWS... BREAKING News... Breaking News... 2017 official publishing date March 2017

As promised by Telos Publishing earlier this year (January), they continue now with the re-issuing of the Catherine Series.

Belle Catherine re-issued in 2017 by Telos Publishing - with more than 12 pages never translated ! Available in hardcover and also Kindle Format or any other devices. Here is a direct link to Amazon.com for the Kindle Format.

The third in the series
BELLE CATHERINE can now be ordered here and on Amazon.com

I am in contact since 2014 with the managers of Telos Publishing and I shall keep you informed about the publishing date of the next in the Series
Catherine, Her Great Journey.



November 21, 2014
all seven Catherine de Montsalvy novels are to be re-published in English !
starting with ONE LOVE IS ENOUGH and CATHERINE on March,2015


When Telos Publishing contacted me in January 2014 with their hopes, nobody in the world could be happier than myself that at long last an English publisher wanted to bring all seven of the Catherine de Montsalvy novels to a fresh audience.  For six years I had written letters worldwide, begging for that seventh novel La Dame de Montsalvy to be published in English – and out of the blue came an email from Telos.  Juliette was absolutely delighted, of course, and set me the task of being her "go-between" until the contract was signed.  I am so thrilled to tell you all that Telos are working on new translations so that the full French texts will be in their new English editions in both print and ebook formats.

Juliette BENZONI

December 1, 2014
What a wonderful surprise to be sent a proof copy of One Love is Enough, the new English translation by Telos Publishing, and what an honour too that they trusted my knowledge of the Catherine story and asked me to check it for errors! 
For years I had hoped beyond hope that one day the English readers would be able to read Juliette Benzoni’s « Catherine » without left-out texts and other mistakes. A dream is coming true before my eyes… forever combined with my heroine and all the other unforgettable characters of Catherine… a fairy-tale magically coming to life. 


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