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During the process of sorting the amazing photos, for which Claudine Ancelot (our unforgettable Catherine) had kindly offered her "treasure box" to us, Frédérique and Mistral decided to do not just one slide show to enjoy each photo, but presenting them instead in three parts!

The first part focused on the shooting scenes, the second part on the magnificent portraits of Claudine Ancelot and the third, which can now be see seen on this page, on the wonderful and
often a bit forgotten "behind the scenes people"
The script girls, make-up artists, hairdressers, stuntmen, animal trainer, to mention a few. The unforgettable Henry Spade, producer of Catherine, of whom we have heard so many awesome anecdotes! And our
ingenious Marion Sarraut, director of not just Catherine, Il suffit d'un amour, but also "Marianne, une étoile pour Napoleon" with beautiful Corinne Touzet, "Le Gerfaut" with Laurent le Doyen, (who still today makes the girls heart beat faster) and "La Florentine" with beautiful Anne Jacquemin.

We would like to dedicate the third page now to all of these people. To say thank you in the name of the millions of faithful spectators, who had watched "Catherine" in 1986 and who have bought in the last couple of years, the DVD's published by FRANCE LOISIRS. We had informed Claudine Ancelot of our plan and she very kindly agreed on the  spot, to support our idea. Yet many years have gone by and naturally Claudine could not remember all of their names.

Frédérique and I have decided to upload all remaining photos, even though we do not have all names of the staff. Since we are in contact with an important former member of the crew, we are hoping that maybe just maybe, through facebook or "mouth to mouth"
they will have the kindness to contact either of us, so we can add later on their proper names. We shall appreciate it very much and they must never fear that we will give out addresses or whatsover! Dear former "Catherine" employees, if you recognize yourself on one of the photos, we shall be delighted with your help, to finish a beautiful task, which started on 6 January 2011, the day Frédérique and Mistral met our Claudine Ancelot, who left in our care her very own and personal photos, which she had guarded all those many years.


by Mistral and Frédérique

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