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Born : August 13, at Saigon in Indochina
Granddaughter of Albert Sarraut, President of the Council and Minister of the Third Republic
Mother of beautiful actress Julie Odekerken Sarraut.

Marion Sarraut started her career very early in her life. She was first actress and filmed with important directors. One of her roles was in A Woman is a Woman by Jean-Luc Godard. In 1970 she began very successfully as TV-director - amongst others there was Numéro 1 a variety show with celebrated stars - along shows for children. At the beginning of the Eighties, she started with the realization of bringing to life series and well known bestsellers for television. Her success was enormous - and gave the viewers many unforgettable pleasurable, happy hours on TV. For which we are enormously thankful. Is she not the phenomenal director who bestowed us « Catherine Il suffit d'un amour, Marianne, Le Gerfaut and La Florentine » written by the celebrated Juliette Benzoni, the Queen of History Books ?

Extract of an article to be found in « Revue de Presse » of  Brigitte Sarraut March 1986

The director of this series is not one of those TV specialists of self-satisfaction who seek publicity at all costs. Her career, on the other hand, is eloquent. Marion Sarraut is one of the two granddaughters of French President Albert Sarraut (her sister is Brigitte Sarraut, press Agent at Antenne 2) Marion followed three years of comedy classes on rue Blanche. At the same time, she is a documentalist in the "Cahiers du cinéma". Assistant and script since 1970, she tackles the realization three years later.

Her record is rich and varied. One hundred and fifty variety shows for the Carpentiers, Jacques Chancel (notably Joan Baez, Marie Laforêt).
Admirer of Nina Companeez and Agnes Varda. Henry Spade entrusts her with a few series in "Amours" at 1:30 pm, which revealed so many young actors. First, "Marianne, a star for Napoleon", where she launches Corinne Touzet in a leading role, and now "Catherine"...

Honors : 
Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur (highest French honorary decoration)
Chevalier des Art des letters ( Order of Arts and letters - awarded by the Minister of Culture.
Administratrice de la Fondation Ostad Elahi, éthique et solidarité humaine.
Membre du Conseil d'Administration de la SACEM

Dedication :
Juliette Benzoni had dedicated the first of her three books of the Series Les Loups de Lauzargues Jean de la Nuit to her dear friend Marion Sarraut.
« A Marion Sarraut avec beaucoup d'amitié » ( To Marion Sarraut with a lot of friendship )

* * * * * * * * *

2018 13 August -  Birthday wishes for dear Lady Marion

To one of the most inspirational women I know.  When you look back and wonder where all  the time has gone, remember that you helped shape history and you can be proud.

Wishing a happy birthday to dearest Dame Marion who defines what it means to age with grace and beauty. May you enjoy this wonderful milestone with the ones who love you so dearly.
Linda, webmaster and one of your greatest admirer.

May 2016
Did you also want to enter the cave of Ali Baba at times ? YES ? You have also adored the book series Catherine, One Love is Enough and likewise the TV-Series directed by Dame Marion Sarraut in 1986 ? Then you will understand my immense joy to inform you that Marion Sarraut has invited me to her home to take back home all of her material of the shooting of CATHERINE ! When I say ALL I mean ALL of her souvenirs concerning Juliette's book series Marianne, Catherine, The Lure of the Falcon and the Florentine. Hundreds of photos and articles never seen before.

Brigitte Sarraut, sister of Marion had created during 1985 - 1986 a REVUE de PRESSE, that is a Dossier size A4 with all articles which had been published all over France. This rare document of the shooting in 1985 has been done with all the admiration Brigitte Sarraut felt towards Marion, Juliette Benzoni and the over 150 stars. I have the honor to scan whatever I like and I promise you, I shall share as much as possible from these believe it or not 186 pages ! You will be able to see photos either on Facebook Catherine, il suffit d'un amour or on my page called TOURNAGE Catherine.

I would like to address again my heartfelt and sincerest thank you to my très chère amie Dame Marion. Marion, who had right from the beginning of launching  this the website  (2008)
a loving heart towards me/us the Sarraut/Benzoni fanbase.
 Linda, webmaster and moderator of the Facebook pages Catherine, il suffit d'un amour fr/en.

2008 - December 8

My sister and I, would like to thank Dame Marion again for her gentleness and kindness, to answer our mails and even go so far as sign our Guest book. It is a great honour for us and also for our visitors - that a well known personality like her - granted us this precious moment. We wish Marion Sarraut all the best for the future and that she may go on directing for a long time.
Thank you very much dearest Dame Marion


Call from London
2014 & 2015
The Game of truth
2012 + 2013
Réactions en chaine

2011 -2012


image- affiche de Le Jeu de la Vérité - mise en scène de Marion Sarraut

link to

au Théâtre - Réactions en chaine

au Théâtre - SOIF avec Corinne Touzet

Le Tombeur   Les Maudits   Prédateur(S)

Drinking smoking and driving fast

au Théâtre - Le Tombeur

au Théâtre - Les Maudits

au Théâtre -Prédateurs

au Théâtre - Boire - fumer et conduire vite

Séries Tv et Téléfilm

 Marion Sarraut
Le premier été
 Marion Sarraut
Le Pacte Sacré
by Marion Sarraut
Marion Sarraut
during the shooting of
 Pacte Sacré

2002  + 2004
Père et Maire

Christian Rauth
La Comtesse de Charny
Anne Jacquemin
 Julie Lescaut 
Véonique Genest
   Une Femme d'Honneur
1996 - 2003
Corinne Touzet
 Belle Grand-Mère
Macha Méril

DVD La Comtesse de Charny


Corinne Touzet
Claudine Ancelot
Le Gerfaut
Laurent Le Doyen
Anne Jacquemin

DVD Marianne

DVD Catherine

DVD le Gerfaut

DVD La Florentine



Marion Sarraut's work is immense - this is only an extract of her outstanding achievement. To do justice to her, the link to IMBD & WIKIPEDIA where we find a summary of her stupendous career.



The touching words of Marion Sarraut about the passing away of Juliette Benzoni

February 8,
Dear friends, (on Facebook)
for those who knew and loved our exquisite Juliette Benzoni, who left us yesterday, her funeral will be held Friday, 12, at 10 am at the church Notre Dame de Saint-Mandé at Saint-Mandé.
Peace to your beautiful and enthusiastic soul my sweet and passionate Juliette. May he keep you warm where you're going. I embrace you tenderly. Marion

After a first day of meeting I fell in love with this wonderful woman who taught me everything about the Middle Ages, my favorite epoch We laughed a lot, talked brilliantly, we were tremendously enthusiastic, and loved us dearly.
Au revoir and until soon my lady Juliette.

Attending the funeral...
Dame Marion her very close friend in those unforgettable days of filming the bestseller of Juliette, Catherine Jurquet, producer of the series, Claudine Ancelot, our Catherine de Montsalvy and Gerard Chambre, were present at the funeral to say a final goodbye to this extraordinary woman.





2016 - my Happy Birthday wishes for dear Lady Marion

2015 - Souvenir a creation done by my sister Eyelyne
Marion Sarraut, Juliette Benzoni, Claudine Ancelot et Geneviève Casile.

Paris May 2014 Lecture Petites Musiques de Proust

I like to share with you this unique and precious photo today! A photo I have been sent by none other than my dear friend Claudine Ancelot (Catherine de Montsalvy). We see on this photo, united after over 20 years Claudine Ancelot (Catherine de Montsalvy), Gérard Chambre (Chevalier Jean de Xaintrailles), Anne Lefébure (Jacquette Legoix, Catherine's Mother) Catherine Jurquet (producer of the TV-Series Marianne, Catherine and Le Gerfaut) and Dame MARION, the outstanding woman who was able to direct these series to all our liking! I like to say thank you so much to all of them for posing a moment to all our delight.
Je vous embrasse all of you and a special kiss to Claudine for the photo..

2013 - a little surprise in this years Advent Calendar. Marion and the shooting of Catherine.

Marion Sarraut - winner of the 2012 CDM Award 2012

Winner of the CDM Trophy
Dearest Dame Marion I know this Award is only a  symbolic gesture from my site - but it comes from the heart - it is my way to say thank you for your generosity and your sweetness towards the Catherine de Montsalvy website  and the fanbase of Juliette Benzonis world. Linda, webmaster of the Catherine website.

2011 - Rendez-vous in Paris
...beautiful and unforgettable moments with Marion Sarraut, Corinne Touzet et Fred Nony.

1985 - The day our favourite TV-Series won a rare and beautiful prize.
Le prix du Tastevin - La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin

from left to right :
Jean Chatenet (adaption of Catherine with Juliette) Juliette Benzoni (author of Catherine) Le Grand Chambellan, Jacques Chevignard) Michèle Cotta (présidente de la Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle) Henri Spade (producer of Catherine) Marion Sarraut (director of the Catherine Series)

1985 - a dazzling souvenir « when Marianne meets Catherine »
On this photo we see : Dame Marion Sarraut (director) Juliette Benzoni (Romancière) Corinne Touzet (Marianne d'Asselnat and Claudine Ancelot (Catherine)
The photo was shared with us by Claudine Ancelot

1983 - Les Amours Romantiques - Press Agency
Souvenir of Juliette Benzoni from her private Album

1982 - Souvenir Marianne, a Star for Napoleon
Photo of the technical crew of Marianne, shared with us by Juliette Benzoni


1983 - Revue de Presse by Brigitte Sarraut

With great joy I like to share with all of you the articles by Marion Sarraut and Juliette Benzoni in 1983 for presenting Marianne to the Press! In their own words, we learn how everything started on the project Marianne for television - how they elected the beautiful Corinne Touzet as the heroine Marianne d'Asselnat and all the other fantastic stars of that unforgettable marvelous story.

I have the express authorization of Marion Sarraut to upload these long forgotten documents !
By my very first visit to Juliette Benzoni, she re-told the story of how devastated she had been, when her first bestseller Catherine  had been made into a movie in 1968. "I cried like a fountain for over two hours, were her words to us !"

We can imagine how reluctant Juliette Benzoni must have been at first, when she heard that in 1982 Antenne 2 decided that the time was ripe, to bring Juliette Benzoni's books on television!

Old articles tell us, that Marion Sarraut and Juliette Benzoni had a great understanding between themselves, right from the beginning. While we cannot always believe what is written in newspapers I can now confirm that it was more than the truth!!

I would like to thank Gérard Chambre, who had played one of the leading roles in Marianne Jason Beaufort. The material, is in his possesion and he kindly gave me his permission to copy it for us. Merci beaucoup cher Gérard...

To my dearest friends Marion, Juliette and Gérard,
thank you so much for your generosity towards  the fan base of the Benzoni - Sarraut family - in the name of all your fans, Linda  ♥ ♥ ♥


Émission de Variétés 1970 - 1980

1976 - Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier, producteurs artistiques d'emission françaises de Varitété - Radio et télévision.
(1950 - 1990) /Numéro Un...)
on this photo:  Mireille Mathieu & Marion Sarraut (Director of Numéro un)

Marion Sarraut (Director of the show) with Johnny Halliday, Serge Gainsbourg and Gérard Dépardieu.

Marion and DALIDA before the beginning of the show.

Marion Sarraut with  French singer France Gall during one of the shows Marion directed.

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