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Juliette Benzoni opens her private treasure box

Once again our dear friend Juliette, has used her magical wand, to share with her dear readers a priceless document! What is the story behind this exclusive Christmas present, sent to her by none other than the director of "Catherine, One love is enough" Marion Sarraut?

In 1985 Marion Sarraut narrated herself, with great humor, a summarization of each episode of "Catherine". Playing with words, showing us what a beautiful relationship the author and the director shared with each other. For example her "hidden" meaning about Gauthier's mind being now again intact! Or the way she says "Granada" at the end of one of the summaries - hilarious! Marion Sarraut asking her with great charm, if Juliette Benzoni would now write, with her usual great talent, the summarization for each episode. Wishing JuJu a wonderful Christmas
at the end!

We have chosen three out of eight summaries for you. In one of the article's about the filming of "Catherine, One love is enough" we can read that Marion and Juliette were like mother and daughter. We have the proof now, it was exactly like that.

We are very happy and also proud, that we can present you this timeless genuine report.

Linda and Frédérique
called: "Les filles des grand chemins" 
by Juliette Benzoni and Claudine Ancelot

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