Comtesse Ermengarde de Châteauvillain and Catherine de Brazey

Catherine, One love is Enough
by Juliette Benzoni

« Don't look at me like that, Dame Catherine ! she cried. "Now that we are alone I don't mind admitting that I too have offered up a few prayers on behalf of this young upstart.
Quite apart from the fact that I also consider King Charles to be our most legitimate sovereign, I have always liked handsome lads, especially when they are rash, headstrong and a little mad to boot. And, sacrebleu, he's a fine-looking fellow, that young stallion ! If I were twenty years younger...

What would you do ? Catherine asked, with amusement.»

photo with Dora Doll and Claudine Ancelot
TV-Series Catherine, il suffit d'un amour
directed by Marion Sarraut

creation by LaLuna/Evelyne
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