by Juliette BENZONI

extract of Catherine and a Time for Love Book 5

What was La Hire saying to you during the ball? Is it true that you will have to leave here in spring, and go back to war?
He half opened one eye and shrugged and pulled a corner of the bearskin rug over himself and over her.

The English still occupy some of our strongholds. As long as they remain here we have to fight ...
She began to tremble, suddenly a prey to all the old fears which had tormented her so much in the past. Was it all going to start again?
I don't want you to go away; I don't want you to leave me again. I got you back, I want to keep you...

She tightened her arm round him in a childish gesture, as if she was afraid that he would disappear instantly. Tenderly, he stroked her cheek and kissed her softly. She saw his white teeth gleam in the half light and knew that he was smiling.

Do you think I want to leave you again and spend night after night without you, without your eyes, your body? I am a soldier and I have to do my duty. But when I go away, you shall come with me... The campaigns only last six months and there are many castles behind the lines. You shall wait for me there, and we will never be parted... never again. The time  for tears, for suffering and pain is over for you. Now the time has come for us to love,. And we won't waste a single minute of it .

there followed 2 more books:
A Snare for Catherine
La Dame de Montsalvy

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photo with :

Claudine ANCELOT - Catherine
Pierre-Marie ESCOURROU - Arnaud

TV-Series : Catherine, il suffit d'un amour 1986
directed by Marion Sarraut

LaLuna/Evelyne 2009

Chanson Catherine ma Mie - text by Juliette Benzoni

2008 - 2016Linda Compagnoni Walther